Thursday, November 6, 2014

Book Review: Deceived

Deceived A Novel
Irene Hannon
Pub Date   Oct 7 2014

Katies husband and four year old Son go missing.  Three years later she sees a boy that reminds her of her Son but everyone believes her Son is dead, along with his Father.  They were believed to have drowned in a boating accident while they were fishing, but her Sons body was never found.  One Friday morning three years after her Son goes missing she believes she sees him at a local mall, but is the boy really her Son?  If so where had he been?

Could Kate's Son have been kidnapped?  Was his Father murdered or had that all been an escape rouse?  

Soon it is starting to look like it is pointing to the fact that Kate's Son is dead, but she does not believe that to be the case and is not easily convinced.  She is certain the little boy she saw at the mall wzs her son despite all the evidence of his death.

When and if Kate is proven right will it mean more danger for her and her Son?  Will they make it through this?

This Novel will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride it will tug at your heart and not let go.  

Five out of five Stars...

Happy Reading

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Book Review: Andi Under Pressure

Andi Under Pressure

Amanda Flower

Copyright 2014



Andi Under Pressure is a good book for middle grade children who like Nancy Drew style mysteries.  Like Nancy Drew Andi always seems to be in the midst of solving a mystery.

Andi is at summer camp the summer before seventh grade, and Summer Camp seems to be full of mystery and adventure.

So if you have an upper elementary school age child take them on an adventure with Andi Under Pressure.

Happy Reading Kids...