Saturday, December 28, 2013

Book Review: The Scribe

The Scribe
By Anthony Gazzio
Copyright 2013

It is the end of the eighth century, 799 to be exact when a young willful young girl Theresea learns the secrets of writing but it nearly gets her killed.  Georgias beliefs his daughter is dead killed trying to save scribes from a fire. But she is not really dead instea she flee's trying to find a place to belong, in the midst of fleeing she faces danger but eventually finds a place to stay, but even there she is not without danger.

In a time before the Printing press the Scribes copied the texts a long tedious process but one that Theresea was good at.  She is not the only one in danger though so is her Father.

If you are looking for an action packed read, then this is the book for you....

Monday, December 23, 2013

Book Review: Aushwitz Belongs to Us All

Auschwitz Belongs To Us All
Copyright Marta Ascoli
Copyright 2013

Marta opens up her story in 1944 when she and her Father are sent to Aushwitz.  Marta is half Jewish and half Catholic .  They are forced into cattle cars she is the only woman in a car full of men.  Marta spends ten months in Birkeaneau until the British come to rescue them.  Marta is Italian and one of the most hated nationalities in the camp and endures a lot of bullying because of it...

Somehow Marta survives the months of starvation and illness while everyone around her is dying, and she in turn is able to tell her story, a story of just how real and how hellish Aushwitz was.  

This memoir gets into what she endured an Aushwitz, and it talks  a little bit about a trip she made to the very place of her torture 40 plus years later.

In no way is Aushwitz Belongs to Us All an easy read the subject matter is a very difficult one, but I think it is a book that should be read especially if you want to learn more about the Holocaust.

Book Review: A May Bride

A May Bride
Copyright Meg Moseley

I love the way this Novella starts off with the main character sneaking on the church property to do some gardening.  And ends up meeting a man who is sneaking on the grounds to help with an early morning wedding.  A guerilla wedding and guerilla gardening. 

Ellie does not expect that chance meeting to turn into a relationship but that is exactly what happens.  She slowly begins to fall in love with.  Ellie's Mother does not really approve of Ellie's relationship with Gray but Ellie loves him and plans on Marrying him anyway.

In the end they decided to get married in the same way they met, a Guerilla wedding on the Church grounds.

Book Review: A March Bride

A March Bride
Copyright Rachel Hauk
Copyright 2013

Sussana Truiit is having second thoughts three weeks before her wedding to Nathaniel.  Soon enough she discovers what he is hiding in order to Mary him she would have to give up her American Citizenship, a step she is not sure she is willing to  take.  When Sussana finds out her Grandmother is sick in the hospital and her best friend is on bed rest due to a risky pregnancy she decides to go home for a little while to try and figure out what she should do.  when Nathaniel shows up in Georgia and gives her her dream wedding, she knows for sure she has found a true prince.

A March Bride reads like a modern day fairy tell complete with princes and princesses and even white carriage.  Another great novella in The Year of Weddings series...

Friday, December 20, 2013

Book Review: A January Bride

A January Bride
Deborah Raney
Copyright 2014

Maddie is an author trying to meet a deadline in the midst of a cross country move.  Her house is not really a place for her to write as it is getting renovated so a friend of a friend allows her to use a room in his home while he is at work.  A room in what was once an Inn before his wife died.  They correspond at first through notes to one another, not really expecting anything more to come of it.  At first Maddie thinks the guy who owns the house is eighty until they finally meet face to face, and she is surprised to find out he thought the same thing about her, but slowly a romance starts to build.  He's a widow, and feels he is stepping out of his safety zone, but he is falling in love and can't help it, and Maddie feels the same way about him.

This short Novella shows how love can come in the most expected time and place.  It is a sweet story, full of faith and romance, if you like sweet love stories you will love A January Bride.

Definitely a Five Star read...

Book Review: An April Bride

An April Bride
Lenora Worth
Copyright  2013

Stella's fiance is coming home to Marry her, after recovering from a head injury after an IED exploded in the Humvee on his convoy.  She is looking forward to marrying Marshall but she has no idea that he has no memory of the engagement or even her really.  He had asked his parents not to tell her of his Amnesia, but despite that she decides to go on with the wedding.  She loves Marshall and he is falling in love with her again, then one day a few weeks in Marshall  remembers her, really remembers the woman he had fallen in love with.

Part of the Year of the Wedding Novella's this segment is another awesome read, if you are looking for a romance that will touch your heart An April Bride is definitely one that you should read.

Book Review: Filly Girls

Filly Girls
Sarah Voskamp
Copyright 2010

Written when the author was only ten Filly Girl's is the story of a young girl who receieves the horse she has been dreaming about one Christmas.  She is so excited, and places the horse in many shows.  The story is a great one for girls who love horses  from eight to twelve years old.  I was impressed with how well this story was written by an author so young.  Great story one I would definitely recomend to girls who love horses in my life...

Book Review: A February Bride

A February Bride
Betsy St Amant
Copyright 2013

If you are looking for a cute romantic read, then February Bride is definitely a Novella I would recommend.  Well written it allows us to have a look into the lives of two best friends and their true loves.  Hannah is getting married, and Allie is the Bridesmaid. 

A February Bride is a great quick escape if you are looking for a romance that is well written, with characters that a few pages in feel like old friends. 

Soon it is Allie who is having her very own February wedding, one that she thought she may never have.

If you love sweet romances you will love  A February Bride...

Book Review: A December Bride

A December Bride
Denise Hunter
Copyright 2013

Everyone is congratulating Layla on an engagement that isn't even real.  An engagement that may serve to help her get the job she desires, or a lie that could help destroy her career. 

Layla does not expect this fake engagement to lead to real love, which is exactly what happens.

If you are looking for a short romantic read then December Brides is a Novella you will enjoy...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Book Review: The Tempest Course

The Tempest's Course
Lynette Sowell
Copyright 2013

The Tempest's Course is a wonderful novel that draws you in from the first page.  Kelley picks up and moves to restore an old quilt, and in the process she learns more about the quilts original owner.  Kelley tries to take the project all on her own, but spasms that shoot down from her back make it difficult.

While working on the quilt and reading Mary's journal she realizes that they had problems in the 1850's as well.  Mary's husband is away at sea when she gives birth to their first child and then has an affair when he is away and becomes pregnant with another mans child.  Her husband is abusive and she knows what will happen if he finds out.

Tempest's Course is a great book full of faith, hope action and even a little romance?  A great read one I definitely recommend...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Book Review: The Calloused Soul

The Calloused Soul
Evelyn Watkins
Copyright 2013

The Calloused Soul starts off with a series of questions that I believe are meant to help you grow as a person...The book has Bible verses, and journalling or writing exercises that allow you to wok on your spiritual growth.  The Calloused soul talks about some of the darker moments in life too that can change us that can serve to crush our spirit but it also reminds us even in those moments we have someone to turn to turn when we turn to Christ.  There is a segment in The Calloused Soul that talks about the importance of having strong mentors in our lives and I could say from experience that is the truth.  I have a wonderful Spiritual Mentor, that I look up to both in my walk with Christ, she is such a strong believer and a wonderful person but I also look up to her as a friend, and I know I am a better person for having her in my life.

Evelyn Watkins put together a wonderful little book in The Calloused Soul and the questions at the beginning and end of the book give you something to work on, something to help you journal about or simply grow.  A book I would most definitely recommend. 

Book Review: The Long View

The Long View
Don Underwood
Copyright 2013

The Long View is a collection of Columns carefully chosen by Don Underwood...One of the things Undwerwood writes about is how we need human interaction not just facebook and Twitter and though they are both great I find t to be true, nothing can take the place of human interaction. 

The stories in this book are personal and very good, stories of faith of family and love.  I found The Long View both an enjoyable read not very long but it had a lot of good stories that will lift your spirit...

If you are looking for a short but uplifting read The Long View is a book I would recomend...

Monday, December 16, 2013

Book Review. Granada Gold

Granada Gold
S.A Carney
Copyright 2013

It's 1491 when Juana's Father heads of to battle to fight so the Spanish Christians can take over Granada but a short time later his son Juan gets sicks, and he is called back home.  Juana and Juan are like twins, though just over a year apart.  Juan sticks up for his younger sister, and they even take lessons together, from the best tutors that can be found.

Granada Gold will take you back to fifteenth century Spain and will give you the glimpse of the lives of one royal family...Though this book is fiction it is very well researched and gives you a very vivid picture of the lives...

If you like historical Fiction you will love Granada gold, it is an excellent read...Hard to put down...

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Book Review: The Power Of A Praying Woman

The Power Of A Praying Woman
Stormie Omartian
Copyright 2002 &2014

The Power Of A Praying Woman is a great book for Christian woman looking to get deeper in their walk with Christ.    Omartian reminds us that true repentance is more than just saying your sorry its an admittance to what you did wrong.

One of my favorite reminders in this little book is that when we walk in the will of God we are offered that protection but when we fall out of the will of God we are not offered that protection. 

The Power of A Praying Woman is a wonderful book full of great advise and insights that just might help woman looking to grow closer to Christ grow closer to him. 

I would definitely give this book a five star rating...

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Book Review: Holly In Love

Holly In Love
Copyright October 2013
Caroline B Cooney

Holly can not really complain around her parents.  Her Father is a Minister and her Mother a College Professor and every time she attempts complain her Father reminds her of all the statistic of children suffering in the world, she also hates the cold but lives in a cold Climate...She wants to move somewhere warm perhaps tropic.

Holly in Love is a great book for those around thirteen or older who understand some of the highschool woes. 

Holly in Love is a cute read one I would recommend to those who like YA fiction...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Book Review: Traces of Mercy

Traces of Mercy
Michael Landon Junior
Cindy Kelley
Copyright 2013

If you want a book that will transport you back in time to the Civil War Traces of Mercy is certainly a book you will enjoy.  It is during this time that a young woman wakes up in a hospital with no memory of who she is or where she has come from.  She arrived in men's clothing.   After she begins to heal the doctor leaves her in the care of Nuns who start calling her Mercy...

Just a few weeks after she moves in with the Nuns she falls in love with a man named Rand and he and his family put her up in a cottage on heir property.  All the while she still does not remember who she was but she is happy with who she is becoming...Until she starts realizing she is not in love with Rand and breaks the engagement.

If you want a great historical read full of action,adventure love life and even death Traces of Mercy is an excellent choice...

Book Review: Jude

Jeff Nesbit
Copyright.  Sept.20.2013

Jude has
Been spending years in the spotlight trying to grow his fame and fortune.  He also has an identical twin brother who is not so fond of the spotlight, he would rather lead a private life.  Jude and his brother also  happen to be orphans.

Jude and his brother live in a world now where a few thousand people control the vast wealth of the entire world.

Jeff Nesbit weaves a story with many twists and turns and with its fair share of action and adventure.

Jude is a book I would highly recommend five star worthy for sure---

Book Review: Water Walker

Water Walker
Ted Dekker
Copyright 2013

Ted Dekker has a way of writing a tale that leaves you guessing a tale that has a way of getting into your head and not letting go.  Water Walker is no exception.

If you like novels that deal with kidnappings brain washings and a few twisted minds then Water Walker is a book. you will enjoy.

Eden is kidnapped and held captive for five years by a woman who is trying to make her perfect free of sin but she has twisted ideas of exactly what perfection is.  Eden is forced to live this life for five years until five years until she is finally free.

I would recommend to those who like psychological thrillers.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Book Review: When a Woman Chooses to Forgive

When A Woman chooses to Forgive
Cheryl Brodersen
Copyright 2014

When A Woman Chooses To Forgive is a book that I think is important for woman to read because  I think if we are honest with ourselves.

This book is peppered with true stories of forgiveness and how woman struggled to forgive but this book shows how important forgiveness is and how forgiving can be healing.

The questions for reflection at the end of each chapter are great and give the reader something to work on to help them better understand how important the act of forgiveness it it is so important that Jesus paid the price for our sins on the cross and he wants us to be able to forgive us...

Book Review: Poison Town

Poison Town
Creston Mapes
Copyright 2014

Someone is out to get Travis who is a doctor first his house is ransacked and then his Father is poisoned in the hospital right under his nose.  Everyone is certain these events are connected.

Travis is not the only one experiencing strange and dangerous events.

If you are looking for a book full of mystery and suspense one that will keep you guessing Poison Town is a book I highly recommend....

Book Review: Hush

Stacy Campbell
Copyright 2012

Blakely was adopted as a newborn she had been born to a young princess not married and because of that the birth Mother was forced to give her daughter up for adoption.  Her birth mother gives her a beautiful unique necklace and Blakely tries to find out more about where she comes from by getting the necklace authenticated.

She doesn't search to hard for her parents because she has everything provided she needs with her adoptive family...She does not realize that someone who destroyed her birth family wants her destroyed too so she can't take her place on the throne.  A throne she doesn't even realize she has a right too...

When accidents start occurring that endanger Blakelys life she does not realize they aren't accidents at all they are attempts on her life...

Hush is an excellent book that  held my attention from the  bfirst page to the last. Hush is definitely a book is  a great read for high schoolers...

Book Review: Carly Keene Literary Detective

Carly Keene Literary Detective
Kathryn Rue 
Copyright 2014

Carly Keene is looking for adventure adventure she often finds in books what she does not expect is to go back in time to be a guest of the Bronte sisters after she looks at a first edition Jane Eyre book...

Carly finds that in 1846 she is believed to be a cousin name Caroline and she finds that her life there is very different than it is in modern day Alaska.

Carly often finds that she gets herself in trouble with her outspoken ways.  When she tries to stand up to Bramwell about his drinking she is the one who gets in trouble.

In order to go back home she must encourage Charolette Bronte to write Jane Eyre the way her heart has it not just the way society expects it.

Carly Keene Literary detective is a wonderful book one I highly recommend to middle grade to high school readers or anyone who enjoys a good adventure... 

Book Review: Hetty Feather

Hetty Feather
Jacquelyn Wilson
Copyright 2009

Hetty Feather was abandoned at a foundling hospital as an infant by her Mothe. Hetty Feather is eventually taken in by a foster family with a Mother and Father even siblings but she always manages to get herself into trouble.  She knows that she is different.    When the circus comes to town Hetty is sure one of the acts is her Mother because she has red hair just like her but by the time she sneaks out the circus is gone and a few days later her foster Mom takes her and her little brother back to the foundling hospital where she is forced to be trained as a servant...She cannot tell her Foster family anything in letters or the letters get confiscated.

Hetty Feather gets tired of the same thing day after day and  was  going to escape to the circus once more and this time discovers that she has a talent for storytelling and perhaps she did not have to be a servant perhaps she could be an author instead.

 Hetty Feather is a great kids book one I would definitely recommend this book to young readers that
Enjoy good historical fiction with a strong main character...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Book Review: Lily Alone

Lily Alone
Jacquelyn Wilson
Copyright February 2011

When Lily's Mother leaves she leaves her in charge of her younger siblings.     They are forced to fend for themselves and make e eryone believe their Mother is at home with them.  

Lilly's Mom leaves them without money and very little food and when people start come looking around  they are forced to hide out in a park.  But when one of Lily's sisters get hurt they are forced to get help and the truth will come out...

I would recommend this book because it is a well written book with characters that are relatable.

Book Review Goodbye Pink Room

Goodbye Pink Room
Jane Grayson

Jane Grayson packs a powerful punch in Goodbye Pink Room... Jane Grayson has written a very difficult but necessary book that could have well been ripped out of today's headlines....A respected church worker sexually abuses a young girl one of his Sunday School Students.

Jane Grayson has written a very difficult book to read but that one that needs to be read.  This book could very well open the subject of child sexual abuse.  It can also make you more aware of the signs.

This powerful book deserves more than five stars.  And yes this is one I would most definitely recommend...

Book Review: Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open
Ted Dekker
Copyright 2013

if you love Psychological thrillers that will keep you guessing from the beginning to the end.  Eyes Wide Open I a book I would recommend although this is not my favorite book by Ted Deemed it is very good...

As I said I would recommend this book to those who like psychological thrillers that leave you guessing to the end...

Book Review Me Since You

Me Since You
Laura Wriess
Copyright 2014

Sixteen year old Rowan can not carrying the guilt for the tragedies in her life...Firs her Father is called to a jumper a friend of Rowans jumps from a bridge with his infant child...Her father is called to the scene because he is in the area because he's picking Rowan up from work but her Father can't stop blaming himself and a Rowan could not help but blame herself...If he hadn't been in the area at that time he would not have been the first one to respond to the call.  Her Fathers death leaves her and her Mother lost hurt and angry..,

Me Since You is a good read full of emotions but I would not recommend this book to younger kids the subject matter and language makes it geared towards at least highschool age...

Monday, December 9, 2013

Book Review: Willow

Tonya Cherie Hegamin
Candlewick Press

Willow is a young adults historical fiction story, about a young slave woman and her Father, Willow learns to read, and has that going for her, but she still faces many dangers of slavery, and they realize they have to escape.  Willow lost her Mother years before, and does not really remember her, but she writes letters to her, although she is gone, a kind of rugged journal.  Eventually they do manage to escape into Canada, where they are finally able to live free.

I think this is a wonderful Ya Novel, is a great book for mid grade to highschool readers, it is well written and I would highly recommend it... 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Book Review: Only the Lonely

Only The Lonely
Laura Dower
Copyright 2001

Madison is allergic to change but everything is changing.  She is starting seventh grade which means a lot of changes.  Even her friends are changing and she is not sure she likes it.  In the midst of all the change she comes to the realization that she too is changing and maybe not all change has to be bad.

I thought this book was very cute and 3rd through seventh grade girls would really enjoy it.  I would recommend this book for the young and the young at heart...

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Book Review: Seven Stories Up

Seven Stories Up
Laurel Snyder

Annie goes to visit her dying Grandmother in 1987, and finds herself going fifty years into the past, to befriend her Grandmother as a young girl.   She encourages her grandmother to live her dreams, to do the things she always dreamed of doing.  She gets to know her grandmother as a young girl, and her grandmother gets to meet her forty years before she is born. 

I enjoyed reading of the things Annie encouraged her grandmother to do, the goals she encouraged her to reach that she may not have been able to had Annie not gone back in time

I would highly recommend this book to Middle grade to young adult readers...

Book Review: The Freedom Maze

The Freedom Maze
Deliah Sherman

The Freedom Maze is the story of 13-year-old Sophie who in the summer of 1960 is dumped off at her maternal grandmothers house.  She feels unwanted alone and bored but soon she finds a maze that transports her a hundred years in the past, she becomes a slave child instead of the Caucasian child she was before. 

Sophie spends six months in 1860 though it turns out to only be an hour in 1960 that she goes missing.  She learns that her thoughts on Slavery and the idea that "Slaves" somehow had it easy, and were less than human beings was wrong.  She comes back with a deeper understanding an appreciation for what slavery was, and what slaves went through. 

The Freedom Maze is a historical fantasy, and is very well written.  Young adults who like historical novels or fantasies would really enjoy The Freedom Maze. 

I would highly recommend this book I could not put it down.