Thursday, January 30, 2014

Book Review: The Killing Woods

The Killing Woods
Lucy Christopher
Copyright 2014

A young adult romantic mystery, The Killing Woods is a book that you are easily drawn into with it's tale of murder, and romance.  Emily's Father is in prison for manslaughter, but when people call him a maniac and worse, she finds heerself fighting him.  They say he is crazy thatt the whole family is.

What if you found out the truth about your Father, that he really is guilty?  What if you wish you could turn back the time before you ever know?

This is not a book for younger children, but for older teens, who love to read murder mysteries, with a bit of romance mixed in, I would recomend The Killing Woods.  

Monday, January 27, 2014

Book Review: Below The Surface

Below the Surface
Tim Shoemaker
Copyright 2014

Young readers who love fast paced books will love Below the Surface.

Gordy and Cooper are on the water, looking for adventure when they get more than they bargained before.   When the two see something on the water, a woman nearly run down by a boat, they find themselves getting more adventure than they bargained for. 

When they found the same woman dead, they wonder what they have gotten into.  Only one problem did they really see a murder or was it an argument?

This book in a very real way is about fighting fear, and winning.  

A great read, one I definitely recomend. 

Book Review: Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette
Giles Milton
Copyright 2013

If you like books full of action, full of suspence, you will love Russian Roulette by Giles Milton.  A novel that deals with old time spy's both British and Russian.  

A book full of idenity changes and non stop action, this book will be a great hit for those who love good spy books, or even spy movies, because the action is nonstop in this book.  From the first page to the last you will feel an Adrenaline  Rush.

If you are looking for adventure, pick up Russian Roulette by Giles Milton, you won't be dissapointed.

Book Review: Samantha Sanderson At the Movies

Samantha Sanderson At The Movies
Robin Caroll
Copyright 2014

Samantha Sanderson went to the opening of a new faith based movie.  Samantha also happens to be a reporter for her Junior Highschool paper and is researching a bomb that may have been a failed arson attempt at the theater, that was playing a Christian movie.  A movie that was bringing a lot of controversy.

Samantha takes after her Mom in her journalistic endeavors, but when an article leads to names of suspect being given out, she realizes just how dangerous that kind of thing can be.

Samantha Sanderson At the Movies is a wonderful book for Middle grade girls, a book they will enjoy, a book that shows the importance of living for Christ and doing what you are called to do.

Book Review: How Paris Became Paris

How Paris Became Paris
The Invention of a Modern City
Joann Dejean
Copyright 2014

How Paris Became Paris is part history book on how Paris became the popular destination it is today, though for over a millennium Paris has acted as the capital of France, it was not as well known and taken care of as it is today.  It's Popularity exploded in the seventeenth century with the advent of pocket guide books.  Prompting changes to be made to the city, and new buildings to be built as well as old buildings to be remodeled.  It is reported that the first carriage was not spotted in Paris until about 1550.  

By 1614 the new reality of city life, led officials to ask owners of shops to help in making sure thieves were caught.  It also tells of a time when food prices were so high many parisians died of starvation.  

If you want to know more about Paris's modern history, How Paris Became Paris is an invaluable read.

Five stars for How Paris Became Paris!!!!

Book Review: An Aria For Nick

An Aria for Nick
Hallee Bridgeman

Copyright 2013

Aria is barely eighteen when this book opens.  She has a brother eight years her Senior and a Father she could listen pray all day.  Aria is also a musican, and in love with Nick, who is soon to go to war when the book opens up.  Nicolas ends up loosing his life in the war though, and Arias heart is broken when a soldier comes to her door.  She thinks it is her Father at first, but it is not Nick has been killed.  It soon comes to light that perhaps Nick is not dead.  That somehow there had been a mistake a case of mistaken idenity, but Aria does not know that at first.  When she discovers that Nick is in fact alive she is angry at first when she tells Nick of how his Father had broken her wrist at his funeral.  He was angry and blamed Aria for his death somehow.  

Somehow in the midst of the madness, that have become life for Aria and Nick, the manage to remember where there faith lay, and that is in Jesus Christ.  In his darkest moments Nick clings to this truth as does Aria.

There is never a dull moment in an Aria for Nick, from the first page to the last, it is nonstop action and suspense, mixed with a little romance.  If you like Christian Mysteries, you will love an Aria for Nick, and I doubt you will want to put it down.  This is definitely a novel deserving of five stars.


Book Review: A Child of the Cloth

A Child of the Cloth
James. E Probetts
Copyright 2013

This brief Novella opens up in 1939 England, the young protagonist is 19 and experiencing her first love.  Her Father is the victar at a local church.  When her Father asks if he is of the church she finds herself nervous, but manages to tell him, and somehow he is able to come to terms with the news.  This short novel is a good short read, one I would recomend to those who enjoy short reads.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Book Review: Julian Hawthorne

Julian Hawthorne
The Life of A Prodigal Son 

Gary Scharnhorst

Copyright 2014

Born on June.22.1846 Julian Hawthorne was the Son of Nathaniel and Sophia Hawthorne.  At the age of three he did not understand his Father's dependency on alcohol.  His Father is a very permissive parent, but does manage to earn a modest living with the sales from his book The Scarlet Letter.  His parents homeschool him, Sophia taught them arthimetic, geography and drawing and she instructed Julian in the Fundamentals of greek.  Nathaniel taught him some Latin and read aloud many of the classics of British Litterature.  As a young man Julian's hobbies included drawing and painting something he used to his advantage,  In 1863 Julian became a freshman at Harvard.

Perhaps Julian Hawthorne's most notable work was a biography he wrote about his parents.  

The biography Julian Hawthorne: The Life of a Prodigal Son, goes into detail with the struggles that Julian Hawthorne had trying to make a name for himself as an author.  

Book Review: All Heaven Will Break Loose

All Heaven Will Break Loose
Joy Dawson
Copyright 2014

Another great book to add to your Christian Library Is All Heaven Will Break Loose by Joy Dawson.  It speaks of the importance of prayer and the importance of Christians working together in Unity, because we are going to be doing that when we get to Heaven, so it makes sense that it should be something we work on while here on earth.  

Dawson reminds us of the importance of loving one another, as well as forgiving one another as Christians.  When we do something wrong, or someone wrongs us, forgiveness is importance, because Jesus died for our forgiveness.  

Joy Dawson wrote a powerful book here, one that I feel would be a great read for those who wonder how they could better unify as Christians...

Book Review: I Kill the Mockingbird

I Kill the Mockingbird 
Paul Acampora
Copyright 2014

I Kill the Mocking bird opens up with Lucy' Mom just released from the hospital cured from the very cancer that they said they had no cure for a year before.  The nurse for her cries as she tells them that it was the prayers that saved her, but though this book opens up with such a difficult subject matter it also has a fun and playfu tone through it throughout the book like when Michael.Elena and Lucy decide to trick there classmates into reading the books on there summer reading lists, they start off by buying every copy of To Kill A Mockingbird they can get there hands on, and selling them out, why because they want to make people think the book has been banned, or simply sold out, because people tend to want to read what they cannot get there hands on.

Michael Elena and Lucy are surpried when they realize that there idea for I Kill the Mockingbird is starting to trend across the country.

I think Middle school to highschool readers would find this book a fun and enjoyable read.  I Kill the Mockingbird is a book I highly recomend.

Book Review: Exploring Christian Theology

Exploring Christian Theology
Nathan D. Holsteen, Michael J. Svigel
Copyright 2014

Exploring Christian Theology is a must read for those of us Christians who want to grow closer to Christ, and perhaps understand Theology better than we already do.  I love the way the authors describe ecclesiology as the study of the church must go deeper than that though, in order to study the church you need also to also look at the relationship between the redeemed and the redeemer.  

The authors also point out that we cannot be saved from sin and still live in it...

A few Christians of the generations from the begining of Christianity to present are highlighted.  Christians who helped shaped the Christian Life, and did their best to grow in Christ and help others grow as well.

Exploring Christian Theology was a five star read...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Book Review: Be A Change Maker

Be A Change Maker
Copyright Laurie Ann Thompson

Be a Change Maker is an inspirational book about youth who not only want to make a difference, but are doing something to do just that, they are doing something to make a difference.  It does not matter that they are youth, that perhaps some might think they are to young, what matters is that they are making a difference.   I like the fact that this book gives young people positive ideas on how to make positive changes in life, how to make a difference.  It profiles different young people who have done things to make a difference in there lives and the lives of the others.

I think this would be a good book for middle school to highschool age kids, to show just what they can do to make a difference, what they can do to show the world just what they are capable of doing....

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Book Review: River Oaks Plantation

River Oaks Plantation
BJ Robinson
Copyright Dec.2013

Once again BJ Robinson weaves an amazing tell, with characters so real you feel like you can sit down and have dinner with them.

I love the way BJ Robinson weaves a story that spans several generations and fits together so perfectly. 

The story opens up in the 1850's and then shifts to 2005, during and following the days of Hurricane Katrina, and the way this story is weaves together it fits perfectly, the way River Oaks Plantations fits perfectly in all the generations this story covers.

River Oaks Plantation is a work of Historical Romance by genre, but it is also a novel full of hope and love, and changes too.  It starts out in the days before the Civil War, and shifts to 2005, as well as going back to the days during and after the Civil War as well, it is a book that shows that sometimes changes can be a good thing...

Once again a great novel by BJ Robinson...Enjoy

Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Review: Reading A Different Story

Reading A Different Story
Susan Vanzanten
Copyright 2014

Reading A Different Story starts out with the authors growing up years, and the steps of faith she took, it talks about memories of when JFK was shot when she was in First grade and about when Neal Armstrong walked on the moon a few years later.  Susan talks about her growth in faith, how she learns that her intellectual search does not mean she can not have faith in Christ.  

Susan Vanzanten goes into detail on her studies in litterature in graduate school and how that influneced her life.  She also goes on to tell how the study of litterature itself helped shape her face in a way.  As well as her work at different Christian Colleges, not only in the U.S, but in Africa as well.  

Although the authors idea of Christian Theology is a bit different from mine and that is okay, because all Christians are not going to think the same, I give this book five stars, for the well thought out, well researched book...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Book review: Love Me

Love Me
Rachel Shukert
Copyright 2014

Gabby is a sixteen year old Hollywood actress in the 1930's or is she?  She is not really sure her age, her Mom hid her original birth certificate a few years ago.  

Gabby like many other former stars is discovering who she is, and what it is to be loved for who she really is.  She wants people to love her for her, and not because she is a star.  The way she feels her Mother does.

Her Friend Margo is soon to be married, and Gabby is falling in love with herself, with a young man who introduces her to a scene that she really should not be inolved in,a scene that includes drugs, but she is sure that she is in Love and sure that she is the next to be married.  Gabby is already hooked on pills and even alchol, but her new friend Eddie introduces her to Marijuana, and the truth is she likes how it makes her feel,  She does not yet realize the path she is going down though.

Love Me Shows that growing up in front of the Camera's in 1930's Hollywood could be hard like it is today, and that some Child Stars then have the same problems as some of the child stars of the day, it also shows that the fall from Stardom could be far and hard like it is today...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Book Review: Tales From My Closest

Tales From My Closet
Jenifer Anne Moses
Copyright 2014

Justine starts her Sophomore year at another new school.  She moves around a lot it seems to her like she is moving every year.  It is not quite as bad as that but it feels that way. The first day of her Sophmore year starts out horribly, she is the new girl and the other students are making fun of her, she hates New Jersey...

Justine's first day she decides to wear a paper dress which turns into a disaster when the dress gets stained and classmates make fun of the dress.  

Finally Justine starts to see the light at the end of the tunnel when her Aunt invites her to Paris for winter vacation.  She has lived in Paris twice with her family, and thinks she is falling in love with a twenty year old College Student, of course her parents don't know that when they agree she can go.  They just want her to get over her teenage angst, but she is looking forward to meeting up with the young man she thinks she loves.

Justine's parents want her to befriend a girl in her class name Becka, a friend of her friend, and the truth is Becka kind of does admire her fashion sense, though she does not really say so.

It does not take Justine long to realize she is not the only one her age with problems, with issues, some have problems far more serious than hers.  When her new friend Becka attmpts suicide the reality that she is not the only one trying to make her place in this world hits home, she thinks its over the blog they write, but Becka assures her it is not...

Tales From My Closet is a great book for highschool aged girls to read, one many can relate to.

The Vine dressers Notebook

The Vine dresser's Notebook
Judith Sytera
Copyright 2014

A little book full of good thoughts, and insights on the importance of keeping our Vineyards safe and well.  Like they prune the bad vines we need the prune the negative things out of our lives in order to make room for the positive, and we need to allow ourselves to be a positive influence to others.

In the Vinedresser's Notebook we are reminded that good growth, takes a lot of time and attention, and we must nurture ourselves spirtiually the way a winemaker nurtures their grape vineyards...

The Vinedresser's notebook is a book I would definitely end for those looking for a short inspirational read...

Book Review: Dust of Eden

Dust of Eden
Mariko Nagai
Copyright 2014

During World War 2 Japanese American families were sent to Intern camps, many who were born here, and served the counntry during the first World War, they were forced to live in substandard conditions, while sons and Fathers were sent to fight in war.  It was not an easy life by any means, many Japanese Americans were stigmatized and called horrible names, treated in horrible ways because of Peartl Harbor.  Dust of Eden is the story of one family in one camp during the war, and the sacrifices they were forced to make.

Mina is trying to make sense of all that is happening to her, why she has to attend Junior Highschool in a room that is susbstandard, where they do not have enough books, or enough heat, just like their homes.  She struggles to make sense what her family, what she did to deserve any of this.  Many of these families were families were faced with loss, and pain unimaginable, many dying to to substandard care.

Dust of Eden is a short but powerful book on what it was like for those in Interment Camps.  A book I would recomend for middle grade readers...


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Book Review; Before My Eyes

Before My Eyes
Caroline Bock

This book is about a young woman trying to come to terms with her Mother's life changing stroke.  She can not help but feel the guilt of wondering what would have happened if she had to her Mother when she had first heard the crash upstairs.

Soon though Claire finds herself using pills to escape the reality of all that is happening and one day while under the influence of the pills on the Beach she nearly drowns and looses her younger Sister Izzy.  Her idea of escape is turning into a nightmare, not the escape from reality she had wanted.

Claire finds herself in the midst of more tragedy before long, loosing someone else she cares about, her little sister when Barkley a Paranoid Schizophrenic turns violent, and shoots up a tent full of people.  Her little sister Izzy and she struggles to make sense of what happens.

Before My Eyes is a powerful and dramatic book, one I would recomend for older teens, due to the subject matter, definitely a good read.