Saturday, January 25, 2014

Book Review: Julian Hawthorne

Julian Hawthorne
The Life of A Prodigal Son 

Gary Scharnhorst

Copyright 2014

Born on June.22.1846 Julian Hawthorne was the Son of Nathaniel and Sophia Hawthorne.  At the age of three he did not understand his Father's dependency on alcohol.  His Father is a very permissive parent, but does manage to earn a modest living with the sales from his book The Scarlet Letter.  His parents homeschool him, Sophia taught them arthimetic, geography and drawing and she instructed Julian in the Fundamentals of greek.  Nathaniel taught him some Latin and read aloud many of the classics of British Litterature.  As a young man Julian's hobbies included drawing and painting something he used to his advantage,  In 1863 Julian became a freshman at Harvard.

Perhaps Julian Hawthorne's most notable work was a biography he wrote about his parents.  

The biography Julian Hawthorne: The Life of a Prodigal Son, goes into detail with the struggles that Julian Hawthorne had trying to make a name for himself as an author.  

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