Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Book Review: Mary Slessor Missionary Mother

Mary Slessor
Missionary Mother
Terri B Kelly

I was glad to have been excepted to read and review this book, I have loved missionaries stories for a long time, the idea of men and women risking their lives to share the love of Christ with others have always held a great deal of interest to me.

Mary Slessor dreamed of being a missionary to Africa from an early age, and at the age of twenty seven she got the calling to go to Africa where she was able to serve many years as a missionary and bring many people to Christ.  She took in unwanted children and worked up until she got sick and had to go back to Scotland. 

Book Review: Upside Down Results

Upside Down Results
God Tags People For His Purposes
Sally Field.
This book highlights stories of those who were changed by there decision to come to Christ through a ministry called Grafitti located in New York but those who were changed by the people touched by the decision to come to Christ come from a variety of places.  I found this book to be inspirational and full of hope. 
Five stars for this wonderful book...

Book Review: Divine Makeover

Divine Makeover
God Makes You Beautiful
Sharla Fritz
I believe this book would be beneficial for young women especially those in Junior High or highschool because it is a reminder that how we dress can not only affect how we feel about ourselves but how others perceive us as well but more importantly how we dress can affect our testimony as Christians.
Divine Makeover also shares Bible Study excercises as well as advise such as avoiding those things that cause you envy.  It talks about limiting your time on facebook and spending that time on nurturing those God-Given gifts that you have been given.
Five stars for a wonderful book...

Monday, April 21, 2014

Book Review:Upside Down Devotion

Upside Down Devotion
Extreme Action For A Remarkable God
Taylor Fields

This devotional is a reminder that God's ways are often the opposite of our ways.  The book reminds us that the art of Upside Down Devotion is deciding just how we are going to let circumstances define us, it also is a reminder that we have a choice on how we react to our circumstances.

Taylor reminds us in Upside Down Devotion that what is inside of us in the heart of Devotion is more important than our outward circumstances.  God see's our heart more than he sees our bank account.

We are reminded to that general tolerance is not doing anyone any favors, that when we do not confront someone who is stealing or committing some other sin then we are not doing any favors.

This is a remarkable book one that I would highly recommend Five out of Five stars...

Book Review: The Approval Fix

The Approval Fix
Joyce Meyer
Copyright 2014

The Approval Fix talks about our need for approval by others and sometimes when we don't get that approval we let it make us question our worth. 

We are reminded in this book that Approval from others should not be whats most important but that we must always put the Lord first.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Book Review: Scraps of Evidence

Scraps of Evidence
Barbara Cameron

If you are looking to get lost in a good mystery then Barbara Cameron's Scraps Of Evidence is just the book for you...

Tess is an officer who happens to love quilting and Logan makes fun of her for that, but that Hobby is so much more than a hobby to Tess.

I love a good "Cozy Mystery" that tells the story without all the language and explicit details, and Barbara Cameron's Scraps of Evidence does just that.

Five out of Five Stars for a well told story...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Book Review: A Captain For Laura Rose

A Captain For Laura Rose
Stephanie Grace Whitson

Laura Rose White is a women determined to save her families legacy after tragedy strikes, the only problem is in 1867 a female captain is unheard of.  Despite that though Laura Rose White is determined to do what she can to save her families legacy.  Thankfully her father had taught her everything he knew about piloting a boat.

I loved Laura Rose White's character and her determination, and I found myself cheering her on as she tried to save her families legacy.  If you love historical fiction, that is well researched with a touch of romance, and plenty of adventure than A Captain for Laura Rose is the book for you.

Five out of five stars, for this wonderful book of historical fiction.

Book Review: Reporting Under Fire

Reporting Under Fire
16 Daring Women War Correspondents and Photojournalists
Kerrie Logan Hollihan

Reporting Under Fire showcases 16 female journalists from pre World War 1 to now.  It deals with the struggles and dangers that these women went through and how they had to work harder then most men to prove themselves.

If you are,interested in the fight of the female journalist this book is for you.

Five out of five stars.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Book Review: The Johnstown Girls

The Johnstown Girls
Kathleen George


This fictional story is based on real life events, of a flood the two sisters in this story are fictional but the story of survival against all odds, will touch anyone who has ever had to fight for their very survival.

This story has everything a reader could want, action adventure, romance an even history.  The characters become so real that it is like they are sitting in the room with them,  the story opens with a reporter interviewing a 103 year old Ellen, who may have aged but her memory is still very good.

Five out of five stars for this wonderful work of Historical Fiction...

Book Review Les Pensee's

Les Pensee's Les Pensees 
 The thoughts of Lucienne Hollard McKay              
Luciene Hollard Mckay
Anne Victory Translator
Rerelease Feb.2014

This is a wonderful collection of poetry, by a woman who survived the Holocaust, the loss of her parents at a young age, as well a great many other loses, but she did not seem to loose her faith or her hope.  This short collection of poetry, gives you a moment to pause, to remind you that even in the amidst of some of the greatest struggles, you can find hope  you look.

I am giving this collection of poetry five stars for the emotions it evokes,  the heart that was poured into this work. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Book Review: We Were Liars

We Were Liars
Copyright  May. 2014

We were Liars is definitely different from any book I have ever read.  It's full of twists and turns, and deals with things such as addiction, but it deals with it in a very different way.  The book flows together beautiful, the author gives the book a almost poetic feel.  The main character suffers from severe headache after a head injury a couple of years before, headache that even the pain pills don't seem to touch anymore.

The ending of this novel was definitely a twist, one that was unexpected...
Four out of five stars for this well written book...

Book Review: Lost and Found

Lost and Found
Sarah Jakes 2014

Sarah Jakes is the daughter of TD Jakes she becomes pregnant at thirteen and has her first child by the age of fourteen though her parents arent thrilled of course, but they support her.

This story is about a daughter who looses her way for a time, but with the help and love of her parents and most importantly her Savior she finds her way back.  She learns from her mistakes, sometimes that lesson is a hard one to swallow, by the time she is twenty five, she has two children, has been married and divorced, but despite that all she finds her way again.

This is a story of hope and redemption and one I would mostly definitely recommend.

Five out of five stars...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Book Review: Being Hartley

Being Hartley
By Allison Rushby

Being Hartley is the story of a young girl who was born into a family who is in the entertainment industry, but her Mother Oscar winning actress Cassie Hartley is doing everything in her power to deter her daughter from joining her ranks.  She wants her daughter to have a normal life as possible.

Thea is a born entertainer though and she loves to dance, and will do anything to find an excuse to dancer, her cousin is on a popular show called Saturday Morning Dance and Thea dreams nothing more than joining the cast, but her Mother will have no part of it.

I think this book would be enjoyable for middle school to high school age girls...

Four out of five stars for a well written book!!!

Book Review: Throwaway Girl

Throwaway Girl
Kristine Scarrow
Copyright 2014

At one time she was called Bernice the name her Mother had given her, but now they call her Andy.  For the first few years of her life, she suffered from severe neglect and abuse at the hands of her Mother, until 2003 when a teacher intervened and she was put into Foster care but a few years later something happens and she moves into a group home for girls, and now she is soon to be eighteen and is going to have to leave the only home she has known for a few years.  She is not sure she is ready, but she really has no choice.

Throwaway Girl is a well told novel, great for the YA reader, I give this book Five out of five stars...

Happy Reading!!!!

Book Review: Saved But Still Enslaved

Saved But Still Enslaved
Bobby Davis
Are you saved but still enslaved?  Are you still holding onto strongholds such as fear, unforgiveness, even abuse then Saved but Still Enslaved is a book you need to read and take to heart.
Perhaps you are a counselor counseling the newly saved or a youth leader maybe your a Pastor reaching out to your flock then Saved But Still Enslaved would be an assist for you.

I give this wonderful book five Stars, and would recommend it to those who have dealt with strongholds of one sort or another, and if we are honest with ourselves isn't that most of us?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Book Review: Romance Under the Oaks

Romance Under the Oaks
BJ Robinson
March 25,2014

Once Again BJ Robinson takes you on an adventure, of love southern style during the Civil War era.  The story like all of BJ Robinson's novels are well researched and makes you feel as if you are there with the vivid descriptions, and the plot that draws you right in. 

If you are a fan of well written, well researched historical  romance novels, you will love Romance Under the Oaks.  And if you haven't had a chance to read BJ Robinson's books yet, I suggest you do so.

Five Stars for a well written, well researched novel, that draws you in from the first page to the last, and does not let you go...

Book Review: Family Tree Book Three Best Kept Secret

Family Tree
Book Three
 Best Kept Secret
Ann M Martin

This book opens up in 1977when Francie is in the first grade, and struggling to read, because she has Dyslexia, often she feels stupid and wonders if she will ever learn, but with the help of the resource room the falling year, and the tricks she learns there she is able to not only read but succeed, her Mother is an author and she wants to be able to read the books she writes, and Francie is a natural story teller, but not only does she struggle with reading but with spelling as well, by the seventh grade though she is making Straight A's and wins awards for her compositions, it takes her longer than others to study, but she does it, and she dreams of becoming a writer like her Mother.

This book is not only a story of struggling with Dyslexia though, it is a story of learning to overcome prejudices even amongst family members, and it is a story of learning to love people for who they are, sadly not everyone gets that's lesson before they die, but Francie is determined not to be filled with hate.

Francie makes it through highs school with high honors and gets into the college of her first choice, and by the end of this novel, you can see how far she has come once she graduates college and gets her degree, and starts making a name for herself.

Being both dyslexic and an author this book really wrung true for me, and although this book is geared towards those in third through seventh grade, I think many adults would enjoy this book too, and perhaps learn a thing or two from Francie...

Five Stars for an excellent book....

Book Review; California Diaries, Dawn Diary One

California Diaries

Dawn Diary One
Copyright March.25.2014
Dawn is in the eight grade, but the middle school building is so overcrowded that by October, the eight graders are forced to move into the high school building where they are no longer the rulers, but instead they are faced with new challenges, and decisions that could change their life, they are faced with peer pressure unlike anything they have ever faced before, and some of them end up making poor decisions.
Dawn's diary is full of adolescent angst as well as the trials that they face, most unlike anything they have ever faced before, but somehow they must learn to fit into a world they are not sure they are ready for, but sometimes they must wonder if fitting in is really worth it?  Sometimes just sticking with your old friends may be better.
Dawn's diary speaks of friendships lost and gained, it tells of the trials of teenagers, and the things they face, sometimes serious, sometimes seemingly silly it never feels that way at the moment though. 
I'd recommend Dawn's diary for middle grade readers, five stars for a well written Middle grade, early YA novel....


Monday, April 7, 2014

Book Review: Collected Poems May Sarton 1930-1993

Collected Poems
May Sarton
Copyright March.25.2014

Perhaps one of the hardest things to review is poetry, because it speaks so many things to so many people, and this collection of May Sarton's poetry does just that.  At times it is encouraging and hopeful and at other times it just leaves you to wonder, but it always flows smoothly, and reminds you what poetry should be when it comes to an art form.

I love the way a good poem makes you feel, the way it speaks to your heart and soul and this collection did just that.  May Sarton's poetry has a way of speaking to the poetic soul.

Five Stars for this collection of May Sarton's poetry, spanning of 63 years and showing her growth as a poet...