Monday, April 21, 2014

Book Review:Upside Down Devotion

Upside Down Devotion
Extreme Action For A Remarkable God
Taylor Fields

This devotional is a reminder that God's ways are often the opposite of our ways.  The book reminds us that the art of Upside Down Devotion is deciding just how we are going to let circumstances define us, it also is a reminder that we have a choice on how we react to our circumstances.

Taylor reminds us in Upside Down Devotion that what is inside of us in the heart of Devotion is more important than our outward circumstances.  God see's our heart more than he sees our bank account.

We are reminded to that general tolerance is not doing anyone any favors, that when we do not confront someone who is stealing or committing some other sin then we are not doing any favors.

This is a remarkable book one that I would highly recommend Five out of Five stars...

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