Thursday, December 25, 2014

Book Review : When God Sees Your Tears

When God Sees Your Tears
He Knows You, He Hears You, He Sees You
Cindi McMenamin
Harvest House Publishers

Cindi McMenamin points out that God does see our tears, when we go through loss or pain he is not blind to what we are going through.She points out that it is human nature for us to try to figure out a purpose for our pain. 

Whether dealing with the loss of a loved one, or your own failing health, or any loss or pain for that matter When God Sees Your Tears will bring you much needed comfort and remind you that even through the pain there is always Hope in Jesus.

I give this book five out of five stars...

Happy Reading..


Book Review: Dear Nobody

Dear Nobody
The True Diary of Mary RoseGillian McCain, Legs McNeil

Copyright 2013

Mary Rose  journal opens with her arrest.  She was carrying a forty ounce beer on her and reeked of liquor she also has to contend with her Mothers abusive boyfriend who threatens to kill her.  Her Mother seems to go from one abusive relationship toanother not thinking of how it effects her kids.  After Mary gets an infection similar to TB, she is confined to a wheelchair due to the damage it caused her hips.

After she heals enough to get out of the wheelchair she finds herself angry and bitter.

Mary Rose writes about her addiction to Alcohol, and the times she spends in a residential care for Alcholics, as well as how easily she falls back into that lifestyle.   She also battles an addiction to heroin and her life is spiraling out of control.  She can't seem to keep the demons at bay.

We learn of Mary Roses battle with her health, she has Cystic Fibrosis which makes the drugs and Alcohol even more dangerous and she struggles eith being gang raped.

This book is based on a true story, a life and death a truggle against Cystic Fibrosis and drugs.  

I would recommend this book to those fifteen and up due to the subject matters and the strong language.

I give this book four out of five stars.

Happy Reading

Book Review: Love Without End

Love Without End
Robin Lee Hatcher
Thomas Nelson--FICTION
Thomas Nelson
Pub Date   Nov 18 2014

Kimberly has hit bottom, she tries to avoid going to church with her friend but finally her friend stopped taking no for an answer.  Kimberly would rather feel anger and bitterness than explore her faith-life.

The story transitions from Kimberlys story back to Anna's story, paralleling teo different generations...Anna came to the ranch just months after her parents died in 1944.

Anna must face that first Christmas without her parents.   This story will take us into the lives of two women, the younger Kimberly bitter and angry about all she lost and Anna who has also suffered loss.  

Kimberly slowly finds her life coming together and falling in love with Chett.

This is a wonderful novel of second chances of love, of hope and of faith...

I give this book five out ov five stars...

Happy Reading

Monday, December 22, 2014

I Took A Risk Its Paying off

Monday, December 22, 2014

I took a Risk its Paying off

I did it I took a risk and joined the new social network about five weeks ago, I wanted to network with other writers and Christians and networking I am.  The support is great and I appreciate everything that this place offers some people tend to ignore the no spam or no innappropriate material rule but that is what the block and unfriend buttons are for right? 

No is not perfect but then again neither am I so it is a nice fit...It has allowed me to carry my networking with others to a new level and I am able to share my faith and my books which I love.

You have to be invited by someone who is already a member to Tsu, so I am inviting my blog readers by giving you my short link...

Remember an Author has to have the ability to grow his or her network to make an impact right?

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. ..

Love in Christ

Book Review : Peticoat Detective

Petticoat Detective
Margaret Brownley
Barbour Publishing,
Inc.Shiloh Run Press
Pub Date   Dec 1 2014

Get ready to be transported back to 1883 Kansas.

Pinkerton Operative Amy has worked undercover as everything from a southern Belle to ajilted schoolteacher even a secretary but now she is undercover as a Prostitute, where she meets Tom Colton for the first time.

Roses Undercover name is Amy and she is working for the Pinkerton Agency trying to find a killer a murderer who killed a Madam named Rose. 

Going Undercover means getting to know these women and she learns that many of them came to the Brothel out of desperation. 

Amy is a woman ahead of her time working as a private detective in Male dominated 1880s Kansas but it was the fact that her sister went missing drove her to help others.

Being a woman undervover detective does have its advantages because no one believes a woman can be a detective anyway and she can do her sleuthing without much problem.

Happy Reading

I give this book five out of five stars...

Friday, December 19, 2014

Book Review: Murder Tightly Knit

Murder Tightly Knit
Vannetta Chapman
Zondervan Fiction
Pub Date   Dec 16 2014

Owen is not ready to on give up his cell phone or give himself to the Amish church yet must to his sisters dismay.

Owen is found murdered on a trail murdered with a crossbow.  An Amish woman named Marry is questioned.

As it begins to look more and more like the Killer was Amish some are finding it harder and harder to believe that this c ould be the case.  The Amish are a peaceful people and don't believe in violence.  Still the evidence points to someone in the community. 

If you like Amish fiction and mysteries then Murder Tightly Knit is definitely one book you will want to read...This is a novel that will leave you guessing..

I give this novel five out of five Stars...

Happy Reading

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Book Review: Love At Mistletoe Inn

Love at Mistletoe Inn
A December Wedding Story
Cindy Kirk
Zondervan Fiction
November. 25.2014

Hope got married for the first time when she was eighteen.    Ten years later she has about given up on making her marriage work because John left town before th r ink on the license was even dry but now he is moving back and she knows they need to make an effort to make their marriage work.

Hope pushes John a way at firdt but soon her Aunt who just opened up the Mistletoe Inn is about to give Hope and John a proper cwedding.

In the hustle and bustle of Christmas preperations Cindy Kirks Novella Love at Mistletoe Inn is a wonderful romantic escape. 

Five out of five Stars. ..

Happy Reading

Book Review:Andrew Murray Destined to Serve

Andrew Murray: Destined to Serve
Olea Nel
Calirvaux House

In this biographical novel we are taken back to the time of Andrew Murray and get a glimpse into his life and ministry..

We learn of the early years of Andrew Murrays ministry,  and the work he did the souls he reached. We can see the reality of his calling in this biographical novel both the joys the exhaustion and even the mistakes another words we are given a realistic look into the lives of Christians called to serve.

I hope my fellow readers enjoy this walk through Andrew Murrays life as much as I did...

I give this biographical novel five out of five Stars...

Happy Reading

Monday, December 15, 2014

Book Review: I Want God

I Want God
Forever Changed by the Revival of Your Soul
Lisa Whittle
Harvest House Publishers


Lisa Whittle starts off with telling us of the night she gave her life to Christ and reminding us Wanting God starts with remembering him.  She starts off with this because she reminds the readers remembering our first encounter with Christ is important. 

I Want God is a must read for all of those who wish to have a deeper desire for God who want to go back to the Want we felt when we gave our heart to Christ when we had our first encounter with Christ. 

We are reminded too that God does not give those who long to be popular or known a pass we all have to keep our allegiance with God first no matter how popular we are.

We are also reminded that the relationship between us and God is not something we get to customize. 

I Want God is definitelh a book that needs to be read, and needs to be taken for Heart.

Five Out of Five Stars

Happy Reading

Book Review:When Camels Fly

When Camels Fly
NLB Horton
RidgeRoute Press
Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA)
Pub Date   May 12 2014

When Camels Fly is a book that just seems to have action and suspense flying off the pages.

When Maggie's Mother Grace is kidnapped by Rebels Maggie finds herself going through the Israeli dessert to rescue her Mother which she does but yhey are not out of danger the Rebels are still after them.

If you are looking for adventure and mystery you will finf both in When Camels Fly.   Kidnapping,  murder, escape, running through a dessert to escape this book has it all.

When Camels Fly is a book that is full of action from the first page to the last.

I give When Camels Fly five out of five stars...

Happy Reading. ..

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Book Review:Christmas In the Smokies

Christmas in the Smokies
B.J Robinson
December.12. 2014

B.J Robinson does not disappoint with Christmas In the Smokies. 

Sierra was supposed to be a June bride and then it is postponed to Christmas Eve but soon she realizes she does not want to Marry Gillman he is a mean man who treats everyone poorly. 

Sierra left town to get a way from Gillman bit he tracks her down and demands they go ahead with the wedding, but she won't take his bullying anymore.

Landon does his best to protect Sierra a woman he has grown to love but Gillman does not want to give up and he is determined to get Sierra back whether she wants him too or not.

Will Sierra ever be free to love Landon or will Gillman always be lurking in the shadows?

If you are looking for a good Christmas Novella to read then I highly recommend Christmas in the Smokies by B.J Robinson. ..

Five out of five Stars

Happy Reading and Merry Christmas. .

Book Review: Buying Samir

Buying Samir
Kimberly Rae
BJU Press
Pub Date   Oct 21 2014

Jasmina leaves the safety she found with the missionaries to find her brother Samir but finding him proves to be dangerous because now Samir works for thevery traffickers he despised.

Buying Samir brings up the very real issue of human trafficking not only in India where this book takes place but all over the world.  Jasmina finds herselfin very real danger when she finds her brother and discovers what he has become.

This book does not only deal with the horrors of human trafficking and the slave trade but it also shows the readers that even in the darkest of moments the love of Christ can and does redeem.

I give this book five out of five Stars.

Happy Reading

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Book Review:Fight Back with Joy

Fight Back With Joy
Celebrate More. Regret Less. Stare Down Your Greatest Fears
Margaret Feinberg
Worthy Publishing
Worthy Publishing
Pub Date   Jan 6 2015

Margaret Feinberg decided that when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in her thirties she was going to Fight Back With Joy. 

Instead of hiding away from the world which was what she felt like doing Margaret surrounded herself with caring people and the outpouring of love helped to reach to her.

This book reminds us too of the importance of having people in our lives that will walk with us in the darkness and help us to see the light.

Fight Back With Joy will help us to Fight through the difficult times in life.

I Recommend this book to anyone going through a difficult time.

Five out of five Stars...

Happy Reading. ..

Book Review: Thou Shall

Thou Shall
Freedom to Strip Away the "Nots" and Discover What God Really Wants
Jamie Snyder
David C Cook
David C. Cook
Pub Date   Sep 1 2014

We are reminded in this book that there is a relationship between our understanding of God and our level of faith.  We are reminded too that God's commands are there to help us live life not prevent us from doing so.

Jamie Snyder shows us that perhaps instead of focusing on what God does not want us to do (that is not to say we break his commands) we focus more on b what the Lord wants us to do.  

The reflect and discuss questions at the end of a chapter make this for a great group study book and the questions also make for good journalling excercises.

The author reminds us that we as the church are called to bring the world hope.

If you are looking for a book to help you grow in your Christian walk then Jamie Snyder's Thou Shall is a must read...

Happy Reading

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Book Review: Heart Of A Lioness

Heart of a Lioness
Sacrifice, Courage and Relentless Love Among the Children of Uganda
Irene Gleeson
Authentic Media Inc.
Pub Date   Sep 5 2014

Irene Gleeson had a rough start to life a traumatic childhood and she was pregnant by the age of sixteen.

In 1990 Irene Gleeson and her husband feels the calling to go help kids in war torn Uganda.  By then Schools are closed due to the raging wars and Joseph Kony is kidnapping kids and turning them into Child Soldiers and Sex Slaves.

By the time both there beachhouse and home are sold people realize there is no turning back, Irene and Jack Gleeson are going to Africa.

In Heart of a Lioness we see everyone the struggles that Irene and her husband Jack faced in Uganda bug you also see the miracles they saw Children healed bg the power of prayer and with Jesuses touch.

Irene and Jacks marriage does not survive Uganda it proves to be to much for Jack and he divorces Irene but she continues on in Uganda educating a nd feeding these children amidst the Hell like conditions that often surround them.

Irene continues her work in Uganda until 2012 when she is diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer but even then she continues speaking out and raising awareness until her death in 2013...

I give this book five out of five Stars...

Happy Reading