Friday, December 19, 2014

Book Review: Murder Tightly Knit

Murder Tightly Knit
Vannetta Chapman
Zondervan Fiction
Pub Date   Dec 16 2014

Owen is not ready to on give up his cell phone or give himself to the Amish church yet must to his sisters dismay.

Owen is found murdered on a trail murdered with a crossbow.  An Amish woman named Marry is questioned.

As it begins to look more and more like the Killer was Amish some are finding it harder and harder to believe that this c ould be the case.  The Amish are a peaceful people and don't believe in violence.  Still the evidence points to someone in the community. 

If you like Amish fiction and mysteries then Murder Tightly Knit is definitely one book you will want to read...This is a novel that will leave you guessing..

I give this novel five out of five Stars...

Happy Reading

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