Sunday, December 14, 2014

Book Review:Christmas In the Smokies

Christmas in the Smokies
B.J Robinson
December.12. 2014

B.J Robinson does not disappoint with Christmas In the Smokies. 

Sierra was supposed to be a June bride and then it is postponed to Christmas Eve but soon she realizes she does not want to Marry Gillman he is a mean man who treats everyone poorly. 

Sierra left town to get a way from Gillman bit he tracks her down and demands they go ahead with the wedding, but she won't take his bullying anymore.

Landon does his best to protect Sierra a woman he has grown to love but Gillman does not want to give up and he is determined to get Sierra back whether she wants him too or not.

Will Sierra ever be free to love Landon or will Gillman always be lurking in the shadows?

If you are looking for a good Christmas Novella to read then I highly recommend Christmas in the Smokies by B.J Robinson. ..

Five out of five Stars

Happy Reading and Merry Christmas. .

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