Friday, February 7, 2014

Book Review: My Amish Boyfriend

My Amish Boyfriend
Melody Carlson
Copyright 2014

When Shannon's Mother's health gets to bad for her to manage alone a neighbor suggests they go to there relatives house for help.  Amish Grandparents that Shannon did not do anything about until the moment.  Her Mother was diagnosed with Meniere's disease and it has been making her extremely sick, and Shannon starts to wonder if perhaps it is something more serious.

Shannon does not expect to fall in love with an Amish boy while she is here, or try to adapt to a whole new lifestyle and at first she thinks maybe she could live Amish, but she soon learns that is not who she is.

Shannon's Mother does not seem to get any better though, she only seems to be getting worse, so finally she takes her to the doctor, where he orders tests only to discover it is not Meniere's disease, but in fact a brain tumor, which they operate on.

My Amish Boyfriend is about learning to grow in Faith, to grow as a daughter and as a person.

If you love books about young woman  trying to discover who they are in this world you will love My Amish Boyfriend.

A five star read for certain...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Book Review: The Book of Maggie Bradestreet

The Book of Maggie Bradstreet
Gretchen Gibbs
Copyright 2012

It's 1692 and Maggie is trying to make sense of all the trials of witches, she does not know what to believe at first, but when her best friend and her family are accused of being witches, Maggie decides to run away with Polly, and keep her safe, but soon Maggie's Father finds her, and is angry, because they were all worried, and Polly is forced into a jail full of accused witches.   Some have confessed because they fear the consequences of not doing so and it does not take long for Maggie to realize that not all of these people can be witches. 

It does not take long for Maggie's Father to be drawn into this mess and accused themselves, but they flee, trying hard to get away from the accusers.  They are not used to life on the road, in such hard conditions, because they are used to the luxuries they have at home but they make do.  They want to avoid being burned as witches, or drowned. 

When Maggie's Uncle finds them to tell them the news, she cannot make sense of why they had to hang her dog.  A lot of thing was making no sense to her, and she wishes she had never been so curious about the witches, the trials and all of that.

When they finally are able to return home Maggie discovers that though they are out of danger things have greatly changed, and somehow she must learn to accept those changes as hard as it is.

The Book of Maggie Bradstreet is a Historical fiction read, that I feel older children and young adults would enjoy if they are into historical fiction.  Five stars...

Book Review: A Story Unfinshed

A Story Unfinished:
99 Days With Elliot
Matt Mooney
Copyright 2014
I first heard Elliot's story a few years ago, a little boy only lived 99 days yet he touched the lives of many, and blessed his parents.  This story is not only one of loss, but amidst the loss, hope and love.

For the short span of Elliot's life his Father kept a blog, keeping others updated on Elliot's condition, Elliot was not supposed to be viable at birth but he was, his Mom and Dad did everything they could to give him all the love he needed, and of course yes they grieved when he was lost, probably even questioned God, but they did not stop living, and in the midst of sorrow they were blessed with two more healthy children of their own and a little girl they adopted from the Ukraine.

If you are looking for an inspiring read then look no farther than A Story Unfinished just make sure you have tissues nearby, you are going to need them.