Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Book Review: A Story Unfinshed

A Story Unfinished:
99 Days With Elliot
Matt Mooney
Copyright 2014
I first heard Elliot's story a few years ago, a little boy only lived 99 days yet he touched the lives of many, and blessed his parents.  This story is not only one of loss, but amidst the loss, hope and love.

For the short span of Elliot's life his Father kept a blog, keeping others updated on Elliot's condition, Elliot was not supposed to be viable at birth but he was, his Mom and Dad did everything they could to give him all the love he needed, and of course yes they grieved when he was lost, probably even questioned God, but they did not stop living, and in the midst of sorrow they were blessed with two more healthy children of their own and a little girl they adopted from the Ukraine.

If you are looking for an inspiring read then look no farther than A Story Unfinished just make sure you have tissues nearby, you are going to need them.

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