Saturday, May 31, 2014

Book Review: The 40's The Story of a Decade

The 40's The Story of A Decade

The New Yorker

Copyright 2014

This is a collection of articles written for The New Yorker Magazine dealing with such subjects as the Fall of France the Start of the Second Word War.  This book takes us back in history to the 1940s.   

This book not only deals with what was happening abroad in the 1940s it also deals with what was happening in the states.  The articles in this section deal with tough issues such as lynching in the south to presidential elections but it also deals with things such as the Miss America pageant. 

The book deals with thepost war as well with things such as the Nuremberg trials as wellas Nazi art theft.

This book also gives you character studies of such greats as Walt Disney, Walter Winchell (Gossip Columnist) and Duke Ellington.   

This book also has sections of poetry and fiction written for The New Yorker Magazine written in the 1940s.   I would definitely recommend this book for those who have interest in th 40's.   

Five out of five stars...

Book Review: You Don't Cry Out Loud

You Don't Cry Out Loud
LILY issacs
Copyright May.2014

You Dont Cry Out Loud is a story Lily Issacs story actually that deals with everything from the Holocaust to the turbulent sixties, from the Beattles Start to the infamous woodstock. 

This book goes on to tell of Lilys struggle to make it as a musician her finding Jesus raising three children with her husband trying to survive on a very "Fixed Income" as well with her battle with breast cancer.  Lily Issacs talks candidly about both her struggles as well as her joys and it shows of her growing in Christ while still holding on to her Jewish heritage.

Five out of five stars for a book that shows just how far the Lord can take a girl from the Bronx...

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Book Review: Gathering Shadows

Gathering Shadows
Nancy Mehl
Copyright 2014

Nancy Mehl once again takes into the lives of a people of faith I knew little about.  The Mennonites.  Gathering Shadows not only does that and does it well but it also does it with an edge of your seat suspense.  I have yet to be disappointed with any of Nancy Mehls books and Gathering Shadows is no exception.

I love books that draws you in from the first page on and Gathering Shadows is definitely such a book.  I found myself caught up in an amazing plot and drawn into Characters who became so real to me I could almost touch them. 

Wynter finds herself in very real danger as she uncovers the truth about babies being kidnapped in a local hospital.  She soon finds her brother Ryan now called Elijah in this search.  

Will she find herself in more danger than she can handle?  

Five out of five stars for Gathering Shadows...

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Book Review: I Choose to Be Happy

I Choose To Be Happy
A School Shootings Survivors Triumph Over Tragedy
Missy Jenkins Smith
December 2012

There are some books that have a way of sticking with you and I Choose to Be Happy is just one of those books...

Imagine being a Sophomore in High School one morning only to have your life changed because a classmate decides to bring in guns and ammunition and open fire in an instant lives were changed and several snuffed out?

Sound familiar? Only this wasn't Combined. Virgins Tech or even Pearl Mississippi this happened in 1997 before medal detectors were in school it was before teachers and school workers learned to be hyper aware of the warning signs that something like this was brewing...

December 2 1997 was a life altering day for Missy Jenkins her twin sister and so many others, but although this was a life changing day for so many in Paducah and perhaps a rude awakening for our nation Missy was determined to live her life, and to reach out to others, which she still does.

I do not want to give to much of this story away because really I feel you should read it for yourself...

I would give this book more than five stars if I could...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Book Review: The Romanov Sisters

The Romanov Sisters
The Lost Lives of the Daughters of Nicolas and Alexandra
Copyright June.2014

This book gives you an intriguing glimpse into the lives of the daughters of Nicolas and Alexandra, these girls were Russian royalty but they made their own clothes and even did some volunteer work in the local hospitals.  Before that they acted as caregiver to their ailing Mother and cared for their brother when he injured himself he had hemipalegia and he suffered from bouts of eternal bleeding.

This book was very well researched and offered a glimpse into early twentieth century royalty. 

If you enjoy history you will love love The Romanov Sisters.

Five out of five stars...

Book Review: Old Bones

Old Bones
A Casey Templeton Mystery
By Gwen Molar
Copyright Sept.2014

Casey Templeton goes onto a field trip with his classmates he and his classmates are going on a real life dinosaur dig at the 
Royal Tyrell museum but what he does not expect is to have to thwart a robbery of old dinosaur bones.

Casey is not your typical fourteen year old he has a way of finding trouble without even looking.

This is a great young adult mystery that both girls and boys will enjoy.

Five out of five stars...

Monday, May 5, 2014

Book Review: A Woman and Her Work place

A Woman and Her Workplace
Building A Healthy 9-5 Relationship
Rosemary Flaaten
Copyright 2010

A Woman and Her Workplace is a great book that will help woman in the workplace form better workplace relationships.  This book gives good advise for Christian woman in the workplace.

This book would be a great tool for woman in the workplace this book talks about the importance of forgiving your coworkers and condoing yourself from in a way that is both positive and productive.

Five out of five stars for this book...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Book Review: Capturing Jasmina

Capturing Jasmina
Kimberly Rae
Copyright 2014

Jasmina and her younger brother Samir live in India and are sold into slavery by their Father.

Jasmina and Samir must endure a great deal of abuse by their captors.  They are forced not only to endure a life of abuse at the hands of their caotors but after three years they both end up having to sleep on the streets.

When their is a fire in the factory where they  escape tgey meet a man who they think is thereto help them but instead he sends them to even harder work .

Eventually Jasmina is rescued by a woman who works at a Christian Orphanage.  A woman Jasmina calls Aunt Asha, unfortunately Samir is not with her when she is rescued.

Will Jasmina and Samir reunite?

Will Jasmina come to Christ?

5 out of 5 stars...

Book Review: The Window In The Wall

The Window In the Wall
Ginny Merritt
BJU Press

The Window In The Wall  is a biblical fiction story, for children and young adult.  Talia is a young girl living inside the Walls of Jerico, a young girl who deals with a lot of the problems young girls deal with nowadays like boys who tease her, but she is also a young girl whose Aunt meets strange men with life changing news, news that may mean life or death?

This is a wonderfully done story, that I think young girls who like Historical fiction would enjoy.  Five Stars for a wonderful book!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Book Review:Huckleberry Summer

Huckleberry Summer
Jennifer Beckstrand
Kensington Books
Publication Date June.03.2014

This is a cute romantic Amish Love story Lily is obedient to her Father, but Aden has his eyes on her, and he does not exactdly fit her Father's approval. 

Aden's Mammi however has another plan she wants to see Aden and Lily together...

Slowly Lily starting to warm up to Aden and his dog too, who she was scared of at first... 

A trip that Aden Lily and hid Aden's cousin Jamal to a puppy mill where they sneak onto the property to get evidence of neglect and  abuse leads to them getting caught and arrested, which humiliates Lily who has never crossed her Father.  She is humiliated when he comes to get her.  Her Father is so angry that he tells Lily that he is going to tell  the Bishop and have him shunned.  She promises her Father she will repent of Aden.  But Is this a promise she can keep?

Book Review: The Sandra Bullock Files: From Speed To Gravity

The Sandra Bullock Files
From Speed to Gravity
Copyright 2014 Brian Rowe

Being a Sandra Bullock Fan, I was happy to be approved to get this book from the publisher for an honest review.  The book is not at all an autobiography, but more of a collection of films and projects she has done from about 1994 to current day.  I loved reading about her work history, but I would have loved to seen a little more in this book too.

I give this book four out of five stars though, because in some ways I did find the facts got a little dry, but all and all a good book, especially for those die hard Sandra Bullock Fans...

Book Review; Ship of Dolls

Ship of Dolls
Shirley Parenteau
Candlewick Press
Release Date August.05.2014

This is a fictionalized account of a girls wish to leave Portland Oregon where she lives with her strict grandparents and join the "Ship of Dolls" in 1926  which will be stopping off In San Francisco where she can join her fun loving Mother, but during this journey she learns more about herself and her grandparents, and discovers they really do love her, despite there strictness.

"The Ship of Dolls" is loosely based on a real life event where American Children sent dolls to Japan on steam ships to show them that they wanted to be friends and perhaps help ease tensions and prevent a war, unfortunately that did not happen because when Pearl Harbor was attacked years later, we entered war with Japan. 

"The "Ship of Dolls" project was inspired by a project organized by Teacher Missionary Sidney Gullick, where a total of 12,000 dolls were sent...