Saturday, May 3, 2014

Book Review:Huckleberry Summer

Huckleberry Summer
Jennifer Beckstrand
Kensington Books
Publication Date June.03.2014

This is a cute romantic Amish Love story Lily is obedient to her Father, but Aden has his eyes on her, and he does not exactdly fit her Father's approval. 

Aden's Mammi however has another plan she wants to see Aden and Lily together...

Slowly Lily starting to warm up to Aden and his dog too, who she was scared of at first... 

A trip that Aden Lily and hid Aden's cousin Jamal to a puppy mill where they sneak onto the property to get evidence of neglect and  abuse leads to them getting caught and arrested, which humiliates Lily who has never crossed her Father.  She is humiliated when he comes to get her.  Her Father is so angry that he tells Lily that he is going to tell  the Bishop and have him shunned.  She promises her Father she will repent of Aden.  But Is this a promise she can keep?

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