Sunday, May 18, 2014

Book Review: Gathering Shadows

Gathering Shadows
Nancy Mehl
Copyright 2014

Nancy Mehl once again takes into the lives of a people of faith I knew little about.  The Mennonites.  Gathering Shadows not only does that and does it well but it also does it with an edge of your seat suspense.  I have yet to be disappointed with any of Nancy Mehls books and Gathering Shadows is no exception.

I love books that draws you in from the first page on and Gathering Shadows is definitely such a book.  I found myself caught up in an amazing plot and drawn into Characters who became so real to me I could almost touch them. 

Wynter finds herself in very real danger as she uncovers the truth about babies being kidnapped in a local hospital.  She soon finds her brother Ryan now called Elijah in this search.  

Will she find herself in more danger than she can handle?  

Five out of five stars for Gathering Shadows...

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