Saturday, May 3, 2014

Book Review; Ship of Dolls

Ship of Dolls
Shirley Parenteau
Candlewick Press
Release Date August.05.2014

This is a fictionalized account of a girls wish to leave Portland Oregon where she lives with her strict grandparents and join the "Ship of Dolls" in 1926  which will be stopping off In San Francisco where she can join her fun loving Mother, but during this journey she learns more about herself and her grandparents, and discovers they really do love her, despite there strictness.

"The Ship of Dolls" is loosely based on a real life event where American Children sent dolls to Japan on steam ships to show them that they wanted to be friends and perhaps help ease tensions and prevent a war, unfortunately that did not happen because when Pearl Harbor was attacked years later, we entered war with Japan. 

"The "Ship of Dolls" project was inspired by a project organized by Teacher Missionary Sidney Gullick, where a total of 12,000 dolls were sent...

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