Thursday, December 11, 2014

Book Review: Heart Of A Lioness

Heart of a Lioness
Sacrifice, Courage and Relentless Love Among the Children of Uganda
Irene Gleeson
Authentic Media Inc.
Pub Date   Sep 5 2014

Irene Gleeson had a rough start to life a traumatic childhood and she was pregnant by the age of sixteen.

In 1990 Irene Gleeson and her husband feels the calling to go help kids in war torn Uganda.  By then Schools are closed due to the raging wars and Joseph Kony is kidnapping kids and turning them into Child Soldiers and Sex Slaves.

By the time both there beachhouse and home are sold people realize there is no turning back, Irene and Jack Gleeson are going to Africa.

In Heart of a Lioness we see everyone the struggles that Irene and her husband Jack faced in Uganda bug you also see the miracles they saw Children healed bg the power of prayer and with Jesuses touch.

Irene and Jacks marriage does not survive Uganda it proves to be to much for Jack and he divorces Irene but she continues on in Uganda educating a nd feeding these children amidst the Hell like conditions that often surround them.

Irene continues her work in Uganda until 2012 when she is diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer but even then she continues speaking out and raising awareness until her death in 2013...

I give this book five out of five Stars...

Happy Reading  

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