Monday, December 15, 2014

Book Review: I Want God

I Want God
Forever Changed by the Revival of Your Soul
Lisa Whittle
Harvest House Publishers


Lisa Whittle starts off with telling us of the night she gave her life to Christ and reminding us Wanting God starts with remembering him.  She starts off with this because she reminds the readers remembering our first encounter with Christ is important. 

I Want God is a must read for all of those who wish to have a deeper desire for God who want to go back to the Want we felt when we gave our heart to Christ when we had our first encounter with Christ. 

We are reminded too that God does not give those who long to be popular or known a pass we all have to keep our allegiance with God first no matter how popular we are.

We are also reminded that the relationship between us and God is not something we get to customize. 

I Want God is definitelh a book that needs to be read, and needs to be taken for Heart.

Five Out of Five Stars

Happy Reading

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