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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Book Review: Love Without End

Love Without End
Robin Lee Hatcher
Thomas Nelson--FICTION
Thomas Nelson
Pub Date   Nov 18 2014

Kimberly has hit bottom, she tries to avoid going to church with her friend but finally her friend stopped taking no for an answer.  Kimberly would rather feel anger and bitterness than explore her faith-life.

The story transitions from Kimberlys story back to Anna's story, paralleling teo different generations...Anna came to the ranch just months after her parents died in 1944.

Anna must face that first Christmas without her parents.   This story will take us into the lives of two women, the younger Kimberly bitter and angry about all she lost and Anna who has also suffered loss.  

Kimberly slowly finds her life coming together and falling in love with Chett.

This is a wonderful novel of second chances of love, of hope and of faith...

I give this book five out ov five stars...

Happy Reading

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