Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Book Review: Family Tree Book Three Best Kept Secret

Family Tree
Book Three
 Best Kept Secret
Ann M Martin

This book opens up in 1977when Francie is in the first grade, and struggling to read, because she has Dyslexia, often she feels stupid and wonders if she will ever learn, but with the help of the resource room the falling year, and the tricks she learns there she is able to not only read but succeed, her Mother is an author and she wants to be able to read the books she writes, and Francie is a natural story teller, but not only does she struggle with reading but with spelling as well, by the seventh grade though she is making Straight A's and wins awards for her compositions, it takes her longer than others to study, but she does it, and she dreams of becoming a writer like her Mother.

This book is not only a story of struggling with Dyslexia though, it is a story of learning to overcome prejudices even amongst family members, and it is a story of learning to love people for who they are, sadly not everyone gets that's lesson before they die, but Francie is determined not to be filled with hate.

Francie makes it through highs school with high honors and gets into the college of her first choice, and by the end of this novel, you can see how far she has come once she graduates college and gets her degree, and starts making a name for herself.

Being both dyslexic and an author this book really wrung true for me, and although this book is geared towards those in third through seventh grade, I think many adults would enjoy this book too, and perhaps learn a thing or two from Francie...

Five Stars for an excellent book....

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