Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Book Review; California Diaries, Dawn Diary One

California Diaries

Dawn Diary One
Copyright March.25.2014
Dawn is in the eight grade, but the middle school building is so overcrowded that by October, the eight graders are forced to move into the high school building where they are no longer the rulers, but instead they are faced with new challenges, and decisions that could change their life, they are faced with peer pressure unlike anything they have ever faced before, and some of them end up making poor decisions.
Dawn's diary is full of adolescent angst as well as the trials that they face, most unlike anything they have ever faced before, but somehow they must learn to fit into a world they are not sure they are ready for, but sometimes they must wonder if fitting in is really worth it?  Sometimes just sticking with your old friends may be better.
Dawn's diary speaks of friendships lost and gained, it tells of the trials of teenagers, and the things they face, sometimes serious, sometimes seemingly silly it never feels that way at the moment though. 
I'd recommend Dawn's diary for middle grade readers, five stars for a well written Middle grade, early YA novel....


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