Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Book Review: River Oaks Plantation

River Oaks Plantation
BJ Robinson
Copyright Dec.2013

Once again BJ Robinson weaves an amazing tell, with characters so real you feel like you can sit down and have dinner with them.

I love the way BJ Robinson weaves a story that spans several generations and fits together so perfectly. 

The story opens up in the 1850's and then shifts to 2005, during and following the days of Hurricane Katrina, and the way this story is weaves together it fits perfectly, the way River Oaks Plantations fits perfectly in all the generations this story covers.

River Oaks Plantation is a work of Historical Romance by genre, but it is also a novel full of hope and love, and changes too.  It starts out in the days before the Civil War, and shifts to 2005, as well as going back to the days during and after the Civil War as well, it is a book that shows that sometimes changes can be a good thing...

Once again a great novel by BJ Robinson...Enjoy

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