Saturday, January 25, 2014

Book Review: Exploring Christian Theology

Exploring Christian Theology
Nathan D. Holsteen, Michael J. Svigel
Copyright 2014

Exploring Christian Theology is a must read for those of us Christians who want to grow closer to Christ, and perhaps understand Theology better than we already do.  I love the way the authors describe ecclesiology as the study of the church must go deeper than that though, in order to study the church you need also to also look at the relationship between the redeemed and the redeemer.  

The authors also point out that we cannot be saved from sin and still live in it...

A few Christians of the generations from the begining of Christianity to present are highlighted.  Christians who helped shaped the Christian Life, and did their best to grow in Christ and help others grow as well.

Exploring Christian Theology was a five star read...

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