Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Review: Reading A Different Story

Reading A Different Story
Susan Vanzanten
Copyright 2014

Reading A Different Story starts out with the authors growing up years, and the steps of faith she took, it talks about memories of when JFK was shot when she was in First grade and about when Neal Armstrong walked on the moon a few years later.  Susan talks about her growth in faith, how she learns that her intellectual search does not mean she can not have faith in Christ.  

Susan Vanzanten goes into detail on her studies in litterature in graduate school and how that influneced her life.  She also goes on to tell how the study of litterature itself helped shape her face in a way.  As well as her work at different Christian Colleges, not only in the U.S, but in Africa as well.  

Although the authors idea of Christian Theology is a bit different from mine and that is okay, because all Christians are not going to think the same, I give this book five stars, for the well thought out, well researched book...

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