Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Book Review: Tales From My Closest

Tales From My Closet
Jenifer Anne Moses
Copyright 2014

Justine starts her Sophomore year at another new school.  She moves around a lot it seems to her like she is moving every year.  It is not quite as bad as that but it feels that way. The first day of her Sophmore year starts out horribly, she is the new girl and the other students are making fun of her, she hates New Jersey...

Justine's first day she decides to wear a paper dress which turns into a disaster when the dress gets stained and classmates make fun of the dress.  

Finally Justine starts to see the light at the end of the tunnel when her Aunt invites her to Paris for winter vacation.  She has lived in Paris twice with her family, and thinks she is falling in love with a twenty year old College Student, of course her parents don't know that when they agree she can go.  They just want her to get over her teenage angst, but she is looking forward to meeting up with the young man she thinks she loves.

Justine's parents want her to befriend a girl in her class name Becka, a friend of her friend, and the truth is Becka kind of does admire her fashion sense, though she does not really say so.

It does not take Justine long to realize she is not the only one her age with problems, with issues, some have problems far more serious than hers.  When her new friend Becka attmpts suicide the reality that she is not the only one trying to make her place in this world hits home, she thinks its over the blog they write, but Becka assures her it is not...

Tales From My Closet is a great book for highschool aged girls to read, one many can relate to.

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