Monday, January 27, 2014

Book Review: How Paris Became Paris

How Paris Became Paris
The Invention of a Modern City
Joann Dejean
Copyright 2014

How Paris Became Paris is part history book on how Paris became the popular destination it is today, though for over a millennium Paris has acted as the capital of France, it was not as well known and taken care of as it is today.  It's Popularity exploded in the seventeenth century with the advent of pocket guide books.  Prompting changes to be made to the city, and new buildings to be built as well as old buildings to be remodeled.  It is reported that the first carriage was not spotted in Paris until about 1550.  

By 1614 the new reality of city life, led officials to ask owners of shops to help in making sure thieves were caught.  It also tells of a time when food prices were so high many parisians died of starvation.  

If you want to know more about Paris's modern history, How Paris Became Paris is an invaluable read.

Five stars for How Paris Became Paris!!!!

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