Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Book review: Love Me

Love Me
Rachel Shukert
Copyright 2014

Gabby is a sixteen year old Hollywood actress in the 1930's or is she?  She is not really sure her age, her Mom hid her original birth certificate a few years ago.  

Gabby like many other former stars is discovering who she is, and what it is to be loved for who she really is.  She wants people to love her for her, and not because she is a star.  The way she feels her Mother does.

Her Friend Margo is soon to be married, and Gabby is falling in love with herself, with a young man who introduces her to a scene that she really should not be inolved in,a scene that includes drugs, but she is sure that she is in Love and sure that she is the next to be married.  Gabby is already hooked on pills and even alchol, but her new friend Eddie introduces her to Marijuana, and the truth is she likes how it makes her feel,  She does not yet realize the path she is going down though.

Love Me Shows that growing up in front of the Camera's in 1930's Hollywood could be hard like it is today, and that some Child Stars then have the same problems as some of the child stars of the day, it also shows that the fall from Stardom could be far and hard like it is today...

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