Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Book Review: Dust of Eden

Dust of Eden
Mariko Nagai
Copyright 2014

During World War 2 Japanese American families were sent to Intern camps, many who were born here, and served the counntry during the first World War, they were forced to live in substandard conditions, while sons and Fathers were sent to fight in war.  It was not an easy life by any means, many Japanese Americans were stigmatized and called horrible names, treated in horrible ways because of Peartl Harbor.  Dust of Eden is the story of one family in one camp during the war, and the sacrifices they were forced to make.

Mina is trying to make sense of all that is happening to her, why she has to attend Junior Highschool in a room that is susbstandard, where they do not have enough books, or enough heat, just like their homes.  She struggles to make sense what her family, what she did to deserve any of this.  Many of these families were families were faced with loss, and pain unimaginable, many dying to to substandard care.

Dust of Eden is a short but powerful book on what it was like for those in Interment Camps.  A book I would recomend for middle grade readers...


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