Monday, December 23, 2013

Book Review: Aushwitz Belongs to Us All

Auschwitz Belongs To Us All
Copyright Marta Ascoli
Copyright 2013

Marta opens up her story in 1944 when she and her Father are sent to Aushwitz.  Marta is half Jewish and half Catholic .  They are forced into cattle cars she is the only woman in a car full of men.  Marta spends ten months in Birkeaneau until the British come to rescue them.  Marta is Italian and one of the most hated nationalities in the camp and endures a lot of bullying because of it...

Somehow Marta survives the months of starvation and illness while everyone around her is dying, and she in turn is able to tell her story, a story of just how real and how hellish Aushwitz was.  

This memoir gets into what she endured an Aushwitz, and it talks  a little bit about a trip she made to the very place of her torture 40 plus years later.

In no way is Aushwitz Belongs to Us All an easy read the subject matter is a very difficult one, but I think it is a book that should be read especially if you want to learn more about the Holocaust.

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