Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Book Review: The Tempest Course

The Tempest's Course
Lynette Sowell
Copyright 2013

The Tempest's Course is a wonderful novel that draws you in from the first page.  Kelley picks up and moves to restore an old quilt, and in the process she learns more about the quilts original owner.  Kelley tries to take the project all on her own, but spasms that shoot down from her back make it difficult.

While working on the quilt and reading Mary's journal she realizes that they had problems in the 1850's as well.  Mary's husband is away at sea when she gives birth to their first child and then has an affair when he is away and becomes pregnant with another mans child.  Her husband is abusive and she knows what will happen if he finds out.

Tempest's Course is a great book full of faith, hope action and even a little romance?  A great read one I definitely recommend...

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