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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Book Review: Hetty Feather

Hetty Feather
Jacquelyn Wilson
Copyright 2009

Hetty Feather was abandoned at a foundling hospital as an infant by her Mothe. Hetty Feather is eventually taken in by a foster family with a Mother and Father even siblings but she always manages to get herself into trouble.  She knows that she is different.    When the circus comes to town Hetty is sure one of the acts is her Mother because she has red hair just like her but by the time she sneaks out the circus is gone and a few days later her foster Mom takes her and her little brother back to the foundling hospital where she is forced to be trained as a servant...She cannot tell her Foster family anything in letters or the letters get confiscated.

Hetty Feather gets tired of the same thing day after day and  was  going to escape to the circus once more and this time discovers that she has a talent for storytelling and perhaps she did not have to be a servant perhaps she could be an author instead.

 Hetty Feather is a great kids book one I would definitely recommend this book to young readers that
Enjoy good historical fiction with a strong main character...

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