Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Book Review Me Since You

Me Since You
Laura Wriess
Copyright 2014

Sixteen year old Rowan can not carrying the guilt for the tragedies in her life...Firs her Father is called to a jumper a friend of Rowans jumps from a bridge with his infant child...Her father is called to the scene because he is in the area because he's picking Rowan up from work but her Father can't stop blaming himself and a Rowan could not help but blame herself...If he hadn't been in the area at that time he would not have been the first one to respond to the call.  Her Fathers death leaves her and her Mother lost hurt and angry..,

Me Since You is a good read full of emotions but I would not recommend this book to younger kids the subject matter and language makes it geared towards at least highschool age...

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