Monday, December 23, 2013

Book Review: A March Bride

A March Bride
Copyright Rachel Hauk
Copyright 2013

Sussana Truiit is having second thoughts three weeks before her wedding to Nathaniel.  Soon enough she discovers what he is hiding in order to Mary him she would have to give up her American Citizenship, a step she is not sure she is willing to  take.  When Sussana finds out her Grandmother is sick in the hospital and her best friend is on bed rest due to a risky pregnancy she decides to go home for a little while to try and figure out what she should do.  when Nathaniel shows up in Georgia and gives her her dream wedding, she knows for sure she has found a true prince.

A March Bride reads like a modern day fairy tell complete with princes and princesses and even white carriage.  Another great novella in The Year of Weddings series...

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