Friday, December 20, 2013

Book Review: A January Bride

A January Bride
Deborah Raney
Copyright 2014

Maddie is an author trying to meet a deadline in the midst of a cross country move.  Her house is not really a place for her to write as it is getting renovated so a friend of a friend allows her to use a room in his home while he is at work.  A room in what was once an Inn before his wife died.  They correspond at first through notes to one another, not really expecting anything more to come of it.  At first Maddie thinks the guy who owns the house is eighty until they finally meet face to face, and she is surprised to find out he thought the same thing about her, but slowly a romance starts to build.  He's a widow, and feels he is stepping out of his safety zone, but he is falling in love and can't help it, and Maddie feels the same way about him.

This short Novella shows how love can come in the most expected time and place.  It is a sweet story, full of faith and romance, if you like sweet love stories you will love A January Bride.

Definitely a Five Star read...

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