Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Book Review: Hush

Stacy Campbell
Copyright 2012

Blakely was adopted as a newborn she had been born to a young princess not married and because of that the birth Mother was forced to give her daughter up for adoption.  Her birth mother gives her a beautiful unique necklace and Blakely tries to find out more about where she comes from by getting the necklace authenticated.

She doesn't search to hard for her parents because she has everything provided she needs with her adoptive family...She does not realize that someone who destroyed her birth family wants her destroyed too so she can't take her place on the throne.  A throne she doesn't even realize she has a right too...

When accidents start occurring that endanger Blakelys life she does not realize they aren't accidents at all they are attempts on her life...

Hush is an excellent book that  held my attention from the  bfirst page to the last. Hush is definitely a book is  a great read for high schoolers...

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