Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Book Review: Carly Keene Literary Detective

Carly Keene Literary Detective
Kathryn Rue 
Copyright 2014

Carly Keene is looking for adventure adventure she often finds in books what she does not expect is to go back in time to be a guest of the Bronte sisters after she looks at a first edition Jane Eyre book...

Carly finds that in 1846 she is believed to be a cousin name Caroline and she finds that her life there is very different than it is in modern day Alaska.

Carly often finds that she gets herself in trouble with her outspoken ways.  When she tries to stand up to Bramwell about his drinking she is the one who gets in trouble.

In order to go back home she must encourage Charolette Bronte to write Jane Eyre the way her heart has it not just the way society expects it.

Carly Keene Literary detective is a wonderful book one I highly recommend to middle grade to high school readers or anyone who enjoys a good adventure... 

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