Monday, January 14, 2013

The Start of Something Big?...I.E Finding Star

Well I am finally back online after my other computer started eating files, and acting insane.  I took it in, and got a better replacement.  You've got to love warranties right? 

Unfortunately Finding Star was partially eaten as well, but because I had the insight to send a copy to myself via email I should be okay.

I started out the New Year by Spraining my ankle due to a ditch my landlady decided to dig, and not cover after doing whatever it is she was doing.  Still haven't figured out what that ditch was for, but spans the majority of my yard, so it's not easy to just step over.  I tried that, ended up stepping in and spraining my ankle, so I have been laid up for a bit now, it's slowly mending, but I have to move with extreme caution and it is tender.

I am discovering things about Star I never knew, as I continue to work on the final edits of Finding Star.  I have been spending a lot of time on this project, because though it is not a long piece of work, it is in fact full of subject matters that are hard to tackle.  Child marriages, Incest, and others amongst them.  This is a work of Christian Fiction, but it deals with some pretty tough realities, but when it comes down to it, I think it also speaks of God's grace.

I have other projects I plan on focusing on in 2013, but right now this is the one that is most on my heart.  The one that I feel needs to be told.  Star has something to say, and I believe that in this story, that is exactly what she does, she tells her story.  As well as her sister Hope!!!

Until next time, I wish you all happy writing, and Happy Reading

May God Bless you...

Love Michelle~

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