Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Prayers Sent Heavenward

Like so many others yesterday, my eyes, and ears were glued to those horrific images, on Fox News of the Tornado that ravaged Moore Oklahoma, the grief was palpable but so was the hope, because in the sorrow, we saw a lot of hope, but my heart broke, for every Mother, every Father, who lost a child, and for the children who died.  It certainly made me step back and pause...Take a look at my life, and what truly mattered.

Yesterday, I was not worried about word counts, Titles, Character Names, instead I took the time, to pray, and to worry, about friends and loved one's who may be in the path of those horrific storms.

I live in California, so from the safety of my home, the damage was hard to believe.  We do get Tornadoes in California from time to time, but nothing like what hit Oklahoma and Texas.

Today as I get my bearings once again, I am still taking the moment to pray for those in Moore Oklahoma, and for every Mother who is missing their children, every Father, every brother and sister.
I am praying for every child with Cancer, praying that a cure is found soon...

I have so many to pray for and so I lift my prayers up, and I know he hears my prayers...

God Bless

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