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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Book Review:Laura and Me

Laura and Me
A Sex Offender and Victim Search Together to Understand, Forgive, and Heal
Sylvia Peterson
Smith Publicity
Copyright 2013

Due to Senisitive Subject matter I recommend this book for Fourteen and up...

This is the true story of a young woman named Laura who was a victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse... Laura suffered the abuse at the hands of her foster care providers but this is not only Laura's story, the author also ends up opening up about the abuse she too suffered as a child, her abuse was suffered at the hands of her grandfather and lasted from the time she was seven to the age of eleven.

Sylvia works with Sexual offenders many who were abuse victims themselves, she helps to make sure they transition back into society without offending again, and she uses her faith to reach out to others.  

This powerful book speaks powerfully of the young woman Laura learning to hold herself accountable for her actions, but it also speaks of forgiveness, and how in time the young woman Laura gives her heart to Jesus.

I give this powerful book five out of five Stars...

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