Monday, February 25, 2013

When One Door Closes

You know how they say when one door closes, God opens another, well I can say for certain this is true, because I have experienced.   A few months ago the church I was working with the kids at closed it doors, truth be told I think we all saw it coming, but it left me with the ability to go back to Harvest, the church I felt was my home church, and it also left me with more time to focus on Finding Star, which I did, and I even found an amazing editor to look over, Finding Star and after two years of work, on a rather short manuscript, but one with an intense subject matter I finally have put Finding Star, to bed, I am hoping to have it published later this year, as soon as I figure out what cover artist I would like to use LOL...

Finding Star may be completed, but the Baxter family saga is not over yet, I am currently working on the second book in the series called Searching for Hope, and so far it is going pretty well.  I find myself surprised at the direction this book is going, because I asked the Lord's hand to guide me in this one, and I think amazing things are going to happen with Finding Star, and Searching For Hope.  I want my writing to reach others for the Lord in any way possible.

I am also currently working on getting the first segment of Sweet Like Chocolate Up on Amazon, and working on the second Segment of To Write or Die so my writing is keeping me plenty busy.

I am just continually amazed at how the Lord works when we give our lives to him..

God Bless

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