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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Don't Let Your Dreams Shoot You Down

What is it about some people that like to make assumptions or simply jump to conclusions...

You know the type right?  The one's you tell your dreams to and then they shoot them down...

I have been blessed by people in my life who listen to my dreams and encourage them, but once in a while I will run into someone who gets the idea that I am lazy, that being a writer is a lazy profession, that is so far from the truth it makes me laugh.  I am a writer, because I have a passion for words.

Writing is more than simply putting words to paper, it is research, it is observation, it is a lot of leg work.  It does not simply involve sitting at your desk all day, and staring at a screen.

I am proud to be a writer, proud of what I do, and whether I am at my desk writing, or out in about snapping pictures, that can and are often used for writing inspiration I remember that God gave me this gift for a reason and I am more than thankful for that.  I am more than thankful that I have the gift of words.

Speaking of writing, and books today I offer one of my Kindle Novella's for free Missing at Midnight, it is Christian Suspense, and I hope you enjoy it...

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Happy reading all and don't let anyone tell you your dreams aren't worth reaching for or you can't do something.  The good Lord knows what you are capable of, so dream big, and reach for those dreams...

To Be Continued

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