Monday, October 7, 2013

A Dream Lived

They say writers have to develop a thick skin, when it comes to reviews and dealing with others in a competive world, but the fact is many of us are a sensitive breed.  We take things personally, we hurt at what others say, or take offense.  I know I have and I am sure others have as well.  Perhaps that sensitivity is what allows us to create such relatable characters.
As authors we need to remember that each of our paths, as well as our pasts are different.  We may not all have the fame of Danielle Steel, JK Rowling, or Cynthia Voight but we can certainly learn something from them.  In order to succeed, I think we must learn what failure is, and be sensitive to those around us.
Look at Stephen King, teachers told him in highschool he would amount to nothing.  He is by no means my favorite author, but I learned that you don't have to listen to others who tell you you are going to fail.  In fact if you want to suceeed.  Don't!
JK Rowling was a Mother, who was on Public assistance before she catapulted on the scene with her Harry Potter Series, hoping to make it only to make it as a writer.  She never expected to make it rich as an author, but that she did.
I know these are the exceptions, but the point is you have to persevere.  You have to be willing to put a lot of time in effort into what you are doing in order to realize that sucess can happen.
I am an Indie Author, went that way a couple of years ago, and there are Indie Sucesses as well, look at Eragon,Christopher Paolini.  And with the creation of ebooks, Kindles, Ipads, Iphones, and Androids, a whole new world has opened up for Indie Authors.  I for one feel blessed to be part fo that world, some of my friends may not agree with me but that's there right.
God Bless

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