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Friday, November 15, 2013

Readers Corner Non Fiction Finding God In A Bag of Groceries

Finding God in A Bag of Groceries
By Laura Lapins Willis
Copyright 2013

As Christians sometimes we need help, and sometimes we need to help those around us.  We need to reach out, reaching out to those in need is something Jesus did from the earliest days of his ministry.  Sometimes our desire to reach out and change lives ends up changes us, makes us realize that we need to reach out too, that from time to time we need the help of those around us.

In the midst of real poverty, in the midst of real sorrow sometimes reaching out can seem hard, and sometimes we want to fix things that either those in the midst of the struggle don't want to have fixed or true proud to have fixed.  We see problems perhaps in areas that they do not.  And sadly sometimes those who need help end up taking advantage of the very people who are trying to help them.  Perhaps they are testing the person reaching out, perhaps they are just seeing how far they can push them, but it hurts when that happens.

Laura Lapins Willis, writes about what it means to reach other to others in Finding God In A Bag of Groceries, sometimes it is the small things that matter the
most to those in needs.  A bag of groceries when the cabinets are bare.

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