Sunday, November 17, 2013

Reader's Corner: True Stories Of The Miracles of Azusa Street and Beyond Tommy Welchel

Go back to the days of the Azusa Street Revival and the miracles that happened there starting in 1906.  A revival that would last several years...

Learn interesting facts like Azusa Street was the first fully integrated church. 

You will learn that the Azusa Street Revival would lead two the birth of two new denomination.  Aseemblies of God  and Church Of God In Christ.

The stories of the miracles that occured at Azusa street, the people saved there will touch your heart.

This book is broke up into chapters breaking down just a few of the miracles at Azusa street just a few of the miracolous healings.

It also speaks of miracles that came about today miracles that may not have occured without Azusa street revival.  And Revivals brought about because of this...

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