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Friday, November 22, 2013

Book Review: A Simple Hope A Lancaster Crossroads Novel

A Simple Hope
A Lancaster Crossroads Novel
Rosalind Lauer 2014

An accident changes James Life forever, being dependent for a hardworking Amish Man is not an easy thing to take.  He does not like to sit around the house while there is work to be done, and he is determined to walk again.

James Father does not want his son going through the experimental therapy though, because it may involve riding in a car, or having Englishers brought into their home and he wants no part of that.

Gary is an Englisher who is only sticking around Amish Country, so he can rob the Amish.  He see's them as easy target and feels like they have more than they need.

Shandell is growing scared of Gary, she came with him to Amish country, thinking they were going sight seeing, but when she sees that he is robbing the Amish she grows scared, and when he threatens her, she decides to hide in an Amish Store wearhouse.

Shandell finds something she does not expect to find in Lancaster though, she finds Hope and Forgiveness.

Rachel wants nothing more to Marry James, wheelchair or no.  It does not matter to her, she loves him just as he is, but he just cannot seem to accept that.  He is working so hard on his therapy, and pushing himself farther and farther away from Rachel.  But she is willing to do anything to help him, so James Mother asks her to drive him to therapy in the buggy six days a week.  Rachel is grateful for the chance to be able to explain to James how she feels about him.  How she does not want to put off the wedding any longer.

James meets Shandell hiding out in there shack, and Shandell is surprised just how generous the Amish are.

Will James finally accept Rachel's Unconditonal Love?

Will Shandell finally get away from Gary for good?

Will James Father Jimmy not learn all "Englischers" are the same?

Find out, in this wonderful book!!!

Happy Reading

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