Monday, November 18, 2013

Reader's Corner: Discovering Joye

Discovering Joye

Uncovering the Treasure Inside Ordinary People, Places, Things and Ourselves.

(C) 2013 Jim Stovall

In Discovering Joye Jim Stovall shows us how to uncover the treasure in the Ordinary everyday people in our lives and in ourselves.

We do not have to be extraordinary to be treasured to be used of God...

This book spoke to me in a very real way simply written and easy to read it contains to me a very important message.  No matter where you are in life don't give up.  Don't let yourself doubt your own self-worth.

Discovering Joye also speaks to me of not living in regrets as well.  We can not live our life wondering what could have been and expect to be fulfilled.  We need to look at our blessings and we need to reach out, and move on yes.  We need to reach for our dreams yes, but sometimes the good Lord changes those dreams.

Jim Stovall very aptly describes friends in tis book not as those we just knew, very often we tend to call anyone we know even a casual acquaintance as a friend, and in a world of digital social media, like Facebook and twitter the defintion even becomes loser, but as Jim Stovall points out in Discovering Joye true friends are those that complete us.

In Chapter Nine a chapter on problems.  Jim Stovall points out that problems that do not serve us, pray a role in helping define us.  In no way does that have to be a bad thing.  We can learn to let go and move on, not merely become a victim of our problems.

In Discovering Joye we are also reminded that learning is a lifelong process, and that no family is perfect...Giving is one of the most significant acts we can perform, but though money is part of that it is one of the least important parts.  We should in fact give a portion of ourselves in servigs others and doing what we can.

We are reminded  too in Jim Stovall books that being grateful, being full of gratitude needs to be a lifelong pursuit.  We need to count our blessings everyday...

If you are looking forward to a book that is full of inspiration, motivation, and encouragement look no farther than Discovering Joye 

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