Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Readers Corner: Fifteen Minutes

Fifteen Minutes
Karen Kingsbury
(C) 2013

Zack Dylan has a gift for singing, and decides to take a chance by going onto a talent show called Fifteen Minutes.  He is trying to save his families farm and will do anything he can to do it.  But his grandfather reminds him not to let the talent show test his faith not to forget to put Jesus at the center.

Zack Dylan is determined not to let the spotlight change him though, he is determined to be a light on that stage.  He wants to let Christ's love shine through him.

Zack quickly learns that fame does change people though, fifteen minutes changed  Chandra Olson as well, the day she tried out for Fifteen Minutes, and now she is falling for him, despite the fact that he has a girlfriend, and he tells her that.  She even sends a tweet out in his name.

Fifteen Minutes Changed Kelly Morgan too and perhaps not for the best.  Her marriage is hanging on my a thread, and she has two young children to raise, but worse she has lost her faith.  When she get words her Father is dying of Cancer her entire world is turned upside down.

Zack Dylan soon discovers that fame can change you, in ways you cannot even imagine.  And in ways that are not always for the best, his faith will be tested, he bond between his family, and the relationship with his girlfriend back home, when he starts to grow closer to Costar Chandra Olson.

Fifteen Minutes is a tale of what can happen if you let fame get to you, if you let it change, you, but it is also a story of Redemption,  Forgiveness and Second Chances, so this is one novel I would highly recommend. 

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