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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Readers Corner Children's Fiction, The Rock Harbor Search and Rescue, Collen Coble and Robin Carroll

A great book for middle readers who love Mysteries:

What if you are falsely accused of being overheard saying you were going to steal a necklace when you didn't say anything?

What if they believe you are the thief?

In trying to clear her name it seems that Emily and her friend stumble upon deeper mysteries.  Much deeper than just a missing necklace, a necklace Emily was accused of stealing.

When Emily's Father realize he had been wrong not to believe his daughter, he gives her the puppy she had been wanting.  

But in the midst of all of this Emily has another worry.  Her Mother is being paroled.  She does not want to have to face her.  She has a happy life, with her Father, her siblings and her stepmother.

Finally the truth about what happened to the necklace comes to light, and Emily is freed of the suspicion!

I would recomend this book to middle readers and those who are just young at heart.  This is a great little mystery for the young ones in your life.

Happy Reading!!!

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