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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Book Review: The War Within These Walls

The War Within These Walls

Aline Sax Caryl Strzelecki

During the Holocaust a Young boy is forced in to the Warsaw Ghetto, where they are forced to deal with sickness, disease, death and starvation simply because they are Jewish.

Misha does not just sit idly by doing nothing though.  He is determined to fight the evil Nazi Monsters.  He does not want to sit round and do nothing, and die in vein.  He see's so many giving up and dying because the conditions are so bad, starvation, death, run rampant.  He is a fighter though, but at the end only he and one other get away from them. 

This is a fictionalized story of a young boy, fighting a very real fight.  Though Misha is fictional, the hell of the Warsaw Ghetto were very real.  The Holocaust was very real.

I would recomend this book for children no younger than ten, because of the subject matter, but this book is very well written.  And it tells a very real story.  

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