Saturday, October 25, 2014

Book Review: A November Bride

A November Bride
Beth Vogt
Zondervan Fiction

Pub Date   Oct 28 2014

This book opens up with Sadie having her star moment but soon Ken her former boyfriend texts her and tells her he met someone else.  He breaks up with her via text message.  Sadie tries to get lost in her work, her passion cooking.

Sadie does have interest in Erik a man she has known for years, but although they are both unattached she is afraid to ask him out.  When they finally start going out Sadie finds it hard to admit that she and Eric are dating.

Erik proposes seventeen years after they met and the wedding is Set for Seventeen days after the proposal.  They were best friends since middle school but did not fall in love for Seventeen years.

I give this sweet romance five out of five stars...

Happy reading

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