Saturday, October 18, 2014

Book Review: A September Bride

A September Bride
Kathryn Springer
Zondervan Fiction
Pub Date   May 5 2014

This Novella opens up with Anne Price getting pulled over for a broken brake light and tail pipe and the silver spoons scattered all over her car does not seem to help the situation once she is pulled over.  Annie soon discovers the officer is the Son of her friend Lorna.  When the Son shows up for dinner the same night Anne is pulled over she finds herself turning red with embarrassment.

Soon Jesse and Anne are paired in a wedding reenactment Anne acting as bride and Jesse the groom the thought leaves Anne feeling a little flustered inside.

Annes past soon comes to haunt her when things start getting uncovered but will that stop a budding relationship between her and Jesse or will they find there happily ever after?

Five out of five Stars

Happy Reading...

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